Zagster raises $10M in Series B

What does Zagster do?

Zagster is the leading provider of public-private and private bike sharing systems in the United States. This company provides transportation offering turnkey bike sharing systems in the country. It provides bike sharing for everybody. The company designs, builds, and operates private bike sharing programs for corporate campuses, universities, residential communities and hotels across U.S. The platform offers a total bike sharing solution which includes installation, system design, maintenance, sharing technology, marketing services and rider support. The company’s aim is providing fast, fun and convenient access to bike transportation for any community. They are deployed at more than a hundred and fifty location in thirty states.

How much Zagster was funded?

The company raised in $10M in Series B on January 5, 2017 from Edison Partners

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount on July 1, 2010 from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Undisclosed amount on March 14, 2011 on New Dominion Angels

$245k on June 29, 2011 from New Dominion Angels

Undisclosed amount on September 12, 2011 from New Dominion Angels and Stephen Killeen

$118k on January 24, 2012 on Right Side Capital Management and Techstars

$1.1M on October 18, 2012 from LaunchCapital, Joe Caruso, Bob Mason, Will Herman, Walt Doyle, John Landry, Right Side Capital Management, Jason Henrichs and Jay Batson

$1M in undisclosed on October 18, 2012 from Fontinalis Partners, John Landry, Jean Hammond, Right Side Capital Management, Joe Caruso,  Bob Mason, Will Herman, Steve Kaufmann, Joshua Summers and LaunchCapital.

$1.2M on May 28, 2014 from LaunchCapital

$3.5M in Series A on July 2, 2015 from LaunchPad Venture Group, LaunchCapital, Clean Energy Venture Group and Fontinalis Partners

What is next for Zagster?

The company is planning to use the funding for continuing investing in the product roadmap, expanding staff amd implementing best practices across the company.

More about Zagster

Zagster was founded on November 1, 2007 by Timothy Ericson and Jason Meinzer. It has its headquarters in Cambridge, MA.