ZetOff let you create your own personal 3D phone case


What does ZetOff company Do?

ZetOff.com let you create your own personal phone case quickly and effortlessly. The whole process is streamlined and our users can design their phone cases in a minute. You can add text, images and patterns to their phones cases. At the end you can order the phone case from us or download a 3D model in STL format and 3D print it yourself.

Why do we need ZetOff ?

It’s much more satisfactory to have a personal phone case that you’ve created yourself. It looks much cooler than regular ones and you can create it in the exact way you want it. You’ll have a phone case that no one else has. Now every time you take out your phone you can think – ‘hey, I created something so cool myself’.

Who is ZetOff  for?

People who like to have unique personalized items.  or people who just enjoy creating and designing stuff. Designers and companies who want to have their logos on their phone cases. People with 3D printers.

What makes ZetOff  stand out from Others?

Unlike other tech startups you get something tangible in the end. You’re literally creating something real on your screen. The product you’ll get in the end will be unique to you.

What’s Next?

Go to zetoff.com and start creating. Once you’re done, we would like to hear your feedback. Ask us anything. We’re especially interested in what other items and phones cases you would like to design. But even saying hello will be much appreciated.