Zipari Receives $7M


What does Zipari do?

Zipari, is an insurance software startup. Their insurance specific technology products provide carriers with real time visibility into their members and prospects. The startuphas built the first and only CRM Solution and Consumer Experience Platform mainly for insurance. Their platform provides real time recommendations and deep analytics for optimizing customer experience and improving consumer satisfaction in the healthcare industry.  Their InsureCX integrated with the major CRM solutions providing management of workflow specific to the industry for healthcare organizations for improving consumer acquisition and their retention.

How much Zipari was funded?

The company raised $7M in Series A on December 20, 2016 from Vertical Venture Partners

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount on September 18, 2014 from David Schwab and Vertical Venture Partners.

What is next for Zipari?

Zipari plans on using the latest funding raised for scaling to meet the growing demands for their suite of CRM centered SaaS solutions for the health insurance vertical. This capital helps in expanding their ability in addressing insurance carriers need for analytics in understanding customers and highly customized CRM solutions. The funding is an acknowledgement of its success in helping insurance companies in personalizing their offerings to customers, gaining real time customer behavior insight, intelligently reengaging customers, monitoring member value, and their ability in implementing quick and maintaining easily.

More about Zipari

Zipari was founded on August 1, 2014 by Mark Nathan. It has its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.  The company offers predictive analytics and rules engine with its InsureCX. This tech startup develops solutions for carriers so that they can engage their customers in new and innovative ways. The company is led by a management team with huge experience in the insurance industry. The company has developed a total product portfolio and they are driving success through a well tasted vertical approach.