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AWeber – Review

No matter what type of Organization or Business you run. It is sure that Email Marketing will grow your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Email Marketing and Business Campaign make use of electronic mail for the purpose of delivery of commercial message to customers. It is gaining popularity these days with the use of the internet. As a result, it is utilized in a number of ways for

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • Business Campaign

The success of Email Marketing is about providing personalized and targeted messages to customers. AWeber is a well-known and popular Email Marketing network mainly for its superior auto responders.

Pros of AWeber

  • Auto Responder Capability

They offer an excellent auto responder tool that enables the automation of the process that ensures that the customers get the right information at the right time. The series of emails are automated by setting up an auto response schedule. It is the best way to get engaged with the customers.

  • Live and Responsive Customer Support

They provide real-time instruction from a team of experts and also live webinar courses. These free courses help us nail down the finer details of email marketing, which helps to utilize the advantage of all the opportunities.

  • Easy and Efficient Report Tracker

They track the subscriber counts and revenue numbers for the sake of campaign effectiveness. The way customers respond to emails, tells the success of the campaign.

  • Multiple Integration Services

They integrate the email marketing services and the other online services in any business. It enables the sharing of information across different business platforms.

Cons of AWeber

  • No Free Trial Period

AWeber charges $1 even for a 30 day trial account, for which you have to provide the credit or debit card number to them from the start. Usually companies ask for the payment details once the trial period is completed.

  • Automatic Upgrading

After 30 days of the trial period, it automatically upgrades your account, which means you will be charged if you forget to shut down your trial account within the time.

  • No Mobile Application Access

Many of the businesses offer full-featured mobile applications that enable you to manage the campaign from anywhere. But, AWeber fails when it comes to mobile account access.

  • Minimum Data Importing Capability

You can go with either of the data importing options, provided to ensure the way to extract the data by yourself. The two importing techniques are,

  1. Manual upload
  2. Spreadsheet upload


AWeber is an email marketing tool that is a type of auto responder provider with 120,000+ marketers and 600+ email templates. People who are looking for simple and fast way of email marketing can choose AWeber. They provide support for your business with the following programs:

  • Email Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Manage Subscribers
  • Subscriber Segmenting
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Email Marketing Tracking
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Industry – Leading Deliverability
  • In-Depth Analytics


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