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Someone has rightly said that “Every big venture evolves from a small idea!”

Are you seeking the right platform to submit your startup? Well then, Jcount is just the right website for you. We provide you with a means of creating awareness about your startup and presenting your innovative idea to the world. We provide you a base for expanding your startup and turning it into a life changing venture. When you choose us to submit your new product launch, you choose the way of growth and prosperity. Our website opens the doors of new opportunities by helping you connect with people who can provide a better market and scope for your startup.

The Startups You Can Submit

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not believe in promoting startups from only specific fields. Rather we welcome new and creative ideas that can prove beneficial for diverse industries and fields. With us you are free to submit startup news for a startup ranging from health to technology and even travel. Moreover, we publish your startup irrespective of your country of origin, which means that your venture is sure to get international exposure from the very beginning.

We do not just believe in promoting new talent but also helping old and well established companies  to promote their products and ideas. You can use our website to submit your news about your new company or even a newly launched product.

Benefit With Jcount Experience

If you want to spread the news about your venture globally, in an easy and hassle free manner, just submit startup with us. We will help you reach out to people who prove instrumental in making your dream an international success. Our website will not only help you to connect with real customers but also with professionals who will help to refine your idea to make it more practical and beneficial. Be it an innovative idea or an innovative product, you can submit a pitch or startup for the same in truly convenient manner on Jcount.

In case you are having any doubts about the submission procedure or any other queries related to our website, you can contact us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Alternately you can directly submit your startup once you have gone through the terms and conditions for the same

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Jcount is one of the Best place to submit your startup.

What Do we Accept?

1) We accept Any Startup like Tech , Health , Travel Etc of Any Country.

2) Your Company Need not be just Startup, it can be old but want people to know about it , you can still submit here.

3) You Also Submit About Any New Products or Services which you launched newly at Jcount Startups

4)  We Are Also Looking For Any Funding and Pitches to be Published Here.

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