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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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Avestar Capital is a financial advisory firm that is managed by a well-rounded team. This includes Ramu Potarazu, who joined Avestar Capital as the Managing Partner earlier this year in 2021. Ramu has more than two decades of experience in key executive management and leadership across various industries, having helped multiple businesses scale to their …


The dependence of the companies by the surrounding communities and the failures of the governments to cover the basic needs of the population during much of the 20th century perpetuated philanthropy as a synonym of responsibility. In developing countries, these effects were even more pronounced and persist today. Hence, the efforts have remained in recent decades to …


Feeling a little sluggish come Monday morning? Pour a cup of coffee and check out these 10 inspiring ways to help you and your employees stay awake at work and keep productivity flowing. It’s Monday, and after the weekend you had, you’re finding yourself falling asleep at your desk. You can’t keep your eyes open, …

reading books

If you want to improve your financial strategies, earn more money or start your business you need to read books as many as possible. Books are a valuable resource for you that is really serious about improving your business prospects. You can not submit everything to your own experience because the books on entrepreneurship present …


There are many successful founder-CEOs. A few that typically come immediately to mind are Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Jack Dorsey. But with these founders considered, it’s important to understand that they are the exception and not the rule.  Even the best CEOs, like Google’s Larry Page and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, have stepped aside to …


It’s hard enough starting your own business, but then you have to actually build your company and make sure it grows. That’s why it’s so important that you continue to work on yourself and be the best leader possible. You have people counting on you,and you should want to do it for you as well. …


When it comes to employee productivity, employers want to maximise it as much as possible. When employees are more productive, more work will get completed in an optimal amount of time and often it will be of a higher quality. However, it is something that is easier said than done. A lot of workers struggle …


Source:Shutterstock Do you remember acquiring products or services only because your family had always frequented that business? Did you purchase particular brands, because it’s what you’d grown up buying? Customer loyalty, although still alive and kicking, is not as prevalent as it once was. Consumers are looking for better service, better pricing, better products, and …


Do you have a goal of starting your own business and becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur? Clearly, it takes a lot more than just a dream, but what is needed? For those who have been toying with the idea of starting their own business, there are a number of tips that you’ll want to be …


Should the Rich Give More? Some Already Do – And You Can Too Rich people account for the vast majority of all charitable giving, right? In absolute terms, yes. In proportion to their share of the world’s wealth, not so much. What’s going on? Why Don’t the Rich Give More? The rich aren’t uniformly stingy. …