Does the workspace influence your employees’ productivity?


When it comes to employee productivity, employers want to maximise it as much as possible. When employees are more productive, more work will get completed in an optimal amount of time and often it will be of a higher quality.

However, it is something that is easier said than done. A lot of workers struggle with procrastination and take too many distractions that negatively affect their productivity. This is why employers need to do everything in their power to positively influence their employee’s productivity.

Without a doubt, the workspace can influence your employee’s productivity and here are a few significant ways in which it does just that.

Noise levels

While some people may work well when chaotic noise surrounds them, the majority of people like their workspace to be quiet and conducive to a peaceful and calm environment.

Having workspaces that are noisy can throw up a lot of distractions to workers and negatively impact their productivity levels. This could mean that the meeting rooms are too close to the desk spaces or that the foot flow of people is too loud in a particular area of the office.

It is essential to ensure that noise pollution stays on a minimum in the office environment. By having areas where workers can conduct their principal business in a distraction-free zone, the subsequent work will reap great rewards for your business.

Nice interiors

One of the most important visual aspects to consider when it comes to an office space and optimising it for productivity is light.

You want to ensure that the lighting creates the required atmosphere for people to work productively. This means making the most of as much natural light as you possibly can.

Avoid dark and dreary lighting and drab colors on the walls. You want something that is bright and refreshing even in the deepest of winter days.

Having plenty of fresh light will help to boost the spirits of workers, and they will have more energy and enthusiasm for their work rather than dark and dreary colors that sap people of their energy.


A significant factor of a worker’s productivity is the temperature of the workspace.

If it is too hot people will feel sticky and uncomfortable with what they are doing and will always be thinking of ways to cool themselves down.

On the other hand, if the office is too cold, they will have to wrap up with layers of clothing and always be getting up out of their desk to make themselves a hot beverage.

While there will never be a perfect temperature to suit everyone’s needs, there is a happy medium that you need to strike to ensure productivity is kept up.

Office perks

A great way of keeping worker’s productivity high in the workspace is by providing nice perks such as free snacks, memo pads, and hot beverages and having an area where people can go to rest for short periods or have some peace away from the hustle and bustle.

When workers feel more at home and more comfortable at work they will spend more time in the workspace and be far more productive than they otherwise would be.

There are many different ways in which your workspace can influence your employee’s productivity. So if you are serious about improving the standard and work quality of your employees, this is an area where you can eke out some positive changes.