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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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We always set ourselves a specific goal, at any age, in any conditions. We are moving to it gradually, by small steps, like a child learning to walk for the first time.  Achieving starts with small things. Graduating from high school as an A-student and a valedictorian, for example, is also a big achievement of …


Independence is vitally important if anyone is to live a fulfilling life and achieve their potential. Young blind people today have the opportunity to achieve independence through training and self-development. Achieving independence as a blind person is not as hard as it seems. If done deliberately and systematically, the process itself can be truly rewarding …


There is no doubting that technology has allowed us to get a lot more done, and get it done a lot faster, but it can come with some downsides. For those working in an office all day and are sat at a desk for long periods and engaging their brain without engaging any other muscles, …


 There are hundreds of e-commerce websites online, yet the mass majority of them utilize the same platform. When preparing to setup your online store, you’ll have several options at your disposal. You’ll need to choose between PrestaShop, ZenCart, Magento, and a few others. With a little research and contemplation, you’ll find that MagentoeCommerce websites tend …


The job market may be making a recovery, but redundancies are always something that happen in corporate life, and when they hit you it can be a very stressful time. While you may instinctively feel that you have to immediately plunge into full time job hunting when the announcement is made, with a reasonable redundancy …


For nearly two decades, Reuben Singh has been experiencing life at the sharp end of UK business. In that time he has gone through meteoric rises, catastrophic falls, and then a phoenix-like resurrection to once again become a visionary leader in entrepreneurship. Almost everyone early on in life has a wonderful idea that inspires them …


Few people believe that entrepreneurship is an “itch” that just can’t shake. It can make you jerk, lose rest, and long for something that may not appear inside of your grip at this moment. In any case, you need to scratch it, regardless of the fact that you’re faltering until further notice, it’s a unique …


Ofcourse!! Musicians are born entrepreneurs but few believe that being a musician doesn’t have knowledge or skills however if truly consider it, having the capacity to make music is something that requires abundant inventiveness, inspiration and determination. These three things are very important to turning into a businessman and also an entrepreneur. Here are top …


In the early 1970s, a small, seemingly innocuous kitchen appliance was invented that would go on to revolutionize the small appliance industry. Almost overnight, mothers throughout Australia learned to depend on this electrical device that would turn an ordinary cheese sandwich into something that was warm, melty, gooey, and irresistible to children. To top it …