For nearly two decades, Reuben Singh has been experiencing life at the sharp end of UK business. In that time he has gone through meteoric rises, catastrophic falls, and then a phoenix-like resurrection to once again become a visionary leader in entrepreneurship.

Almost everyone early on in life has a wonderful idea that inspires them to seek more from life, and a desire to create something that will add purpose and meaning to their existence. After all, nobody really wants to just exist, right? Unfortunately it is equally true that most people will also encounter negative people who will try to discourage them. “Be realistic,” they say. “Stop dreaming!”

To their way of thinking, life has been a frustrating disappointment for them (even if they’ve forgotten they once had dreams too), and they actually believe they are doing you a favour by giving you that kind of advice. What they probably don’t stop to consider is that the likely source of their disappointment is that they once listened to similar advice and gave up before they got started. Parents, in particular, tend to place too many restrictions on what they believe their children are capable of achieving.

The emphasis is so much on getting a good education, studying hard, and then hopefully getting a good job at the end. But parents really ought to stop and ask themselves why they are investing so much in turning their children into servants. Dreams are empowering because they offer life and freedom.

The role of a parent, therefore, is not to squash dreams with some misguided notion of realism, but to nurture, support, and guide their children in every positive intention they have. Instead of thinking of all the ways the dream is impossible, it would be a far better use of time thinking of ways you actually could make it become possible.

All this default negativity is harmful to our nation’s youth, and thus to the future of the nation itself. As the well-worn saying goes, our children really are our future. This is why entrepreneur, Reuben Singh, who was once a young dreamer himself, has set up a scholarship fund to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among university entrants.

This scholarship will provide recipients with up to £9,000 towards the cost of their tuition. To be eligible for application, the student will need to be resident in the UK during the academic year, and must have already been accepted into a UK university.

The application process is quite simple. Students just need to request an application form by contacting and then write a 2,500 word essay on the topic of entrepreneurship (full details of the requirements are listed on the scholarship website) which will then be assessed by a judging panel.

While obviously not everyone who applies will necessarily receive an award, the heart and soul of entrepreneurship is taking sensibly calculated risks. Simply by applying, you’re showing that you already have one of the most important attributes you will need if you are to thrive in an entrepreneurial endeavour.