ID Experts raises $27.5M

What does ID Experts do?

ID Experts, is a company which provides software and services for identity fraud protection and cyber breach. The company brings efficiency and simplicity for the complex world of data privacy and fraud prevention, through innovative software solutions. The personal data which a company captures, stores and transmits is both a liability and a necessity. The risk of data breach has never been so high. Neither have the security regulations like HITECH/HIPAA and GLBA and consequences of not complying with federal/state privacy. This company’s focus is on minimizing these risks.

How much ID Experts was funded?

The company raised $27.5M in undisclosed round on August 18, 2016 fromBlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Advantage Fund, Trident Capital Cybersecurity and Peloton Equity.

Previous funding

$5M in Series A on January 28, 2016 from Sandbox Advantage Fund and BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners

What is next for ID Experts?

ID Experts plans in using the latest funding raised along with cash provided from operations, for repurchasing shares from select existing shareholders and for continuing the innovation of its SaaS based technologies which address the complex breach risks and cybersecurity faced by retails, healthcare, government and education organizations, their employees and customers, as well as individual customers. Justin Yang, Sean Cunningham and Ted Lundberg will join the company’s board of directors. The latest investment validates the demand for services and technology which mitigates the risk of cyber breaches and resulting fraud of identity.

More about ID Experts

ID Experts was founded in 2003. It has its headquarters in Portland, OR. The company protects millions of customers with their identity protection services and software and they have a 100% success record for identity recovery. The company is trusted by thousands of organizations for managing cyber and other kinds of risks with their data breach response services. It is the largest provider of identity protection products.