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Finding leads in any business is important. It helps you with more sales and higher customer satisfaction. But managing the leads cannot be done manually. Hence, it is essential to automate the process as much as possible. The auto responders from the email marketing network, it can be scheduled to automate the process.

Benchmark Email is a fitting name for the Email Marketing Service as it sets a benchmark for the type of activities that are performed so as to help you improve the marketing campaigns. It can create newsletters, coupons, Email designing, etc. The Benchmark team is well versed with web designs such logo, color scheme, etc.

Pros of Benchmark

  • Add Video / Image

They offer services that can include video, image, customized unique message to your business.

  • Wide range of templates

They offer hundreds of template designs for various purposes. They provide templates with almost twenty categories, including newsletters, product promotion templates, event invitations, holiday greetings, real estate offers and religious organizations, etc. With all these templates, you can represent your brand in a right way.

  • Amazing visual editor tools

Benchmark provides all the necessary tools for creating your own custom templates with the email design process. They provide a platform for inserting HTML and CSS coding languages into the editor. They offer insertion of images, links, social media options, etc.

  • Various learning resources

They offer many learning resources such as,

  • Video tutorials
  • FAQ pages
  • Documents for creating an email
  • Preparing the list to monitor with real time reports
  • Free life time plan

They allow you to send 10,000 emails per month at absolutely no cost. This is one of the best features that bring more customers towards them. The lifetime customers get full access to virtually all of the company’s tools and features, including email templates, drag and drop editing, email tracking, etc.

  • Integration of various services

They offer great email apps and plug-ins to connect Benchmark email account to other popular websites and services which would give access to your marketing data. Even the information in your Benchmark email account can be integrated with Salesforce, Zoho, and Shopify account.

Cons of Benchmark

  • Limited mobile app usage

It offers a mobile app with the ability to check your campaign reports and manage your contacts. However, this app is only available for the iPhone mobile users.

  • Limited data importing capability

You can go with either of the data importing options, provided to ensure the way to extract the data by yourself. The two importing techniques are,

  1. Manual upload
  2. Spreadsheet upload


The Benchmark Email provides you the tools needed for creating marketing campaigns and tracks how your customers are receiving them. It provides the elements that make your email campaign more interactive, such as video and social media buttons. It also enables the segmentation of contact lists. This helps you to send out an email campaign according to subscriber’s age, location and so on. One of the most important features of Benchmark is its advanced email delivery.


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