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Campaign Monitor- Review

Campaign monitor is an online portal which provides its users a beautiful way to attract new subscribers, design email newsletters and send in campaigns in a way you haven’t discovered before.

It assures the best quality and assistance of email newsletters and campaigns and also an availability of subscribers to its users who are looking to sell or promote. Weather a beginner or someone experienced, Campaign monitor is the best solution.

Prospects and Features:

  • Canvas : the Email builder

It lets you to create beautiful emails in no time providing you a range of impressive designs along with easy flexible layouts to create amazing emails which will work for you in every inbox.

It allows you add your own text, links and images to make it presentable everywhere you send it.

  • Dynamic Content and HTML :

Campaign monitor gives the users a unique ability to choose what to display according to the inputs provided by the incoming custom feed values. Also it provides a number of sample tags providing you to change any web page into a reusable email template.

  • Mobile-ready templates :

This feature automatically designs the template both for a desktop and a mobile interface

So that the users don’t have the pain to design it separately

  • Instant Feeds to your subscribers :

Sends in a campaign to your subscribers whenever you update ur

  • A/B testing :

A custom based testing allowing the users to set up a test for different designs and subject lines.

  • Auto responders  And Social Sharing :

Makes you connect to Twitter and Facebook to increase your social feed and also the auto responders help you to stay connected to your subscribers automatically. You may send a single mail over a time sequences such as:

  • When a subscriber joins you.
  • The anniversary of a custom field.
  • An exact Date.
  • Social reviews and updates for I-phone :

This feature lets your subscribers to connect you through Facebook and twitter and also reports the number of likes and shares on your campaign along with a brilliant feature to keep track of your feeds on your I-phone.

  • Subscriber Screenshot :

It’s a single page to show every interaction you have had in the past with every subscriber.

  • Dragging and dropping contacts :

Now you can drag and import contacts on the app easily without worrying about the format they are in. Campaign Monitor does it or you.


By far, Campaign Monitor has each and every feature included in it which had been a drawback in online emails and newsletters portals, hence making it one of the best online spot of its kind with almost no consequences for the user which subscribes to it.


Campaign monitor serves to be one of the essential tools for marketing and promotion for small scale entrepreneurs to big business men, helping them to gather subscribers by the best possible tools they can be provided with.



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