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Codecademy Review

Codecademy- a Forum of Knowledge

Codecademy is one of the foremost groups, which teaches coding to students across the world so that they can create newer websites everyday with immense success. The teaching procedure is held totally in an online basis on their website Learning coding was formerly a very tough job but not anymore, and all because of this site. In addition, codecademy ensures the fact that the learning process is no time consuming anymore.

Now this website is running successfully with about 24 million members and still counting till date. Moreover, to become a member of this group is no big deal. All one has to do is to fill the registration form along with the required details and then submit it with a minimum of joining fee. Interactive coding sessions can be done with the help of codecademy says a review of

What makes codecademy stand out?

There are several features and benefits of this website that makes it work in an out of track and at the same time interesting manner. The features that are exclusively allotted to the members of this group are as listed below:

  • You can get started with either giving your full details in the form or else if you are there in any social networking site like Google+ or facebook, then you can login in this way too. This makes the joining process much more lucid and hassle free.
  • Learning coding with codecademy does not put any extra pressure on you. This means that along with other courses you can continue having your coding courses as well.
  • Personalized teachers are there to make you understand the topics as well as the difficult parts. Each student’s problem is handled with intense care so that not one question of any student goes unanswered in any way. It is the sole responsibility of the teacher to clarify the concepts to the core so that there are no loopholes in the things that you learn. There are lots and lots of student’s feedback pouring through regarding the immense success of the websites they have created with the help of codecademy. The best site creators emerge out of codecademy says a review.
  • Many people who had been sacked from their jobs are making a reliable career in coding and website creating through this group.
  • The main courses in coding are HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. You can have the whole course or you can choose according to your need.
  • Codecademy has its new blog system where all modifications regarding the site are put up, so that the members always remain updated about the happening of the site. This website has now gone global since now a lot of students all across the world is now coming to learn the method of coding.
  • This website works in a 24*7 manner so that you do not have any problem to learn and broaden your knowledge regarding coding at any point of time according to your own convenience.


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