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Constant Contact -Review

The concept of Email Marketing is a very simple yet effective way of approaching people who can be converted into potential customers for an online business. It also ensures the easy delivery of advertisements and details of a particular product or campaign the online company is looking to sell or promote.

Constant Contact is one of the powerful and user friendly software with a variety of email templates and newsletters. Constant Contact is a good choice for marketing beginners as it provides access to the best resources in the industry.

Pros of Constant Contact

  • More techniques for uploading contacts

Constant Contact makes a great space for email marketers and businesses for the improvement of the email contact list. Some are the ways in which the contacts can be uploaded are,

  • Excel Sheet
  • Text File
  • Import from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook
  • Manual Updation

They provide the best contact management tools in the market, making it easy to get your list into the system.

  • Large varieties of templates

They offer more than 400 quality templates from which you can start with the email designing process. The set of templates includes General Business Promotions, Informational Messages, Holiday Greetings, Retail Businesses and Home Improvement Services

  • Access to learning tools

Some of the learning resources include,

  • Live and On-demand Webinars
  • Product Tutorials
  • User Guides
  • Tips For Mastering Email Marketing
  • More event management tools

They offer a unique service called EventSpot, which is mainly intended for those interested in using email marketing as a drive for special events such as seminars, charity functions, competitions, etc. So, EventSpot is a full-featured tool for any event based business.

  • Pricing Schemes

They offer a reasonable pack of sending unlimited emails to 500 contacts at $15 per month. As the list grows, so do the package costs.

Cons of Constant Contact

  • No advanced campaign management features

They do not offer any of the advanced capabilities such as triggered campaigns, RSS to email, etc. These are essential because they help you to automate parts of the campaign in order to send more targeted and timely emails to the subscribers for better results. Also if you are looking for new customers to your business for building even more effective setup, these features will be missed.

  • Limited Mobile Application Usage

Though you can access through mobile, you will be disappointed with the campaign management app, Quickview. This Quickview app gives the ability to manage your contacts, monitor campaign reports and track everything easily. Only few users are able to access the app through mobile. So Constant Contact is not the right choice if you want to manage and monitor your campaign through mobile.


Constant Contact offers all the marketing techniques under a single toolkit with a single login. It provides all the marketing campaigns that you need. Hence, Constant Contact is one such tool that would help in the betterment of your online business.



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