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Powerful Email Marketing Service Platform

If you are indulged in any kind of business and you want to increase your customers and also want that the people should know about your brand, then the best way is to use the Email Marketing. It will help to expand your business and side by side your popularity will also increase. dotMailer provides you this service with which the process of send emails and responding to email queries is so easy and fast. Advertisement which is done on the television or radio is not much effective as it is done via Email. People get to know about your product faster on internet as whole world is connected to it.

dotMailer has made email marketing easy and more powerful. It is packed with various boosting features.

  • dotMailer for Magento:  dotMailer will help you to place your customer behavior by analyzing your email conversations. It will ramp up your AOV and also helps you to deliver time and resources. Using this service your conversation rates will also be increased.
  • dotMailer for Enterprise:  dotMailer deliver excellent and strategic solutions for enterprises. They will focus on your challenges that you are facing in your complex business.  You need not to worry; the outcome of the solution given by dotMailer will result in your increased productivity of your product and marketing ROI.
  • dotMailer has expert staff that will help you at every step of your email marketing. Whether it is cleansing or migrating, data segmentation, they will offer their best service to you.  If your team is overstretched they will take your workload and you can simply rely on them.

The team of Email marketing strategy is led by Skip Fidura. He is chairman of DMA Email Marketing Council. The expert faculty has experience of hundreds of years.  They had worked with clients of all sizes which includes DHL, Odeon and Reader’s Digest. There are some of the key components of this email Programme:

  • Capturing of data and hygiene
  • Segmentation
  • Explicit of data enrichment
  • Creative and subject line optimization
  • Welcome, birthday and various other email programs.
  • Costumer lifecycle and re engagement programs.

If you need any help for building automation the strategic teams of dotMailer are always ready to help you. There are various dotMailer email marketing resources with which you can access whitepapers, guides and downloads. Some of these resources are:

  • The Marketer’s to Webform optimization
  • Provides speed imperative report for The Email Marketing
  • There is one more option of Email marketing, and that is through the Purchase journey.
  • Intelligent report on Email marketing
  • Planning and execution of guide for marketing automation
  • The essential guidance on social email marketing service
  • A step by step guide on data driven email marketing.
  • Guide to successful guide email marketing
  • The  E consultancy email marketing trends report: 2013- 2014

dotMailer also holds educational events and seminars. Email marketers don’t use the service of dotMailer also get benefitted from these types of seminars and lectures.


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