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Emailbrain Review

Email marketing, also known as electronic marketing, is a form of marketing in which a commercial message is marketed to a large number of people. In email marketing, an email sent to a person, whether being a present customer or potential customer.  The email can be sent for various purposes like for donations, awareness for a brand, etc.,  It helps to encourage customer loyalty and helps in advertising. It can help to generate new customers from the potential ones.

Emailbrain is a site offering email marketing service to its members. The site offers various modes for creating your email campaigns which will help you to customize the campaign to make it more attractive according to your need. Emailbrain supports a large number of carriers approximately there are 216 carriers present in about 160 countries. It renders service of sending text messages to your subscriber’s cell phones. It provides a two interface mode of using the service, Express and Advanced Mail, user can choose according to them which interface is better for them. Express mail interface is for users wanting the basic functions and tasks. Advanced mail interface is for experienced users who how to use the interface in the best way. Emailbrain offers delivery through social networks and triggered campaigns also. The pricing charges are the service are also low, which is an advantage for a small-scale business to increase its customers.  Various users are happy using it. Emailbrain often offers resources for the help of its users

Benefits of using Emailbrain

  • Sms Delivery

Emailbrain offers sending text messages to your subscriber’s mobile number which is a great feature offered by an email marketing site.

  • Customization of settings

The user can customize the settings in order to send emails to people on their birthday, anniversary, etc. This helps the user to build goodwill among the people.

  • Auto responders

Auto responders are beneficial for the user as they offer to send to the subscriber when he signs up on the site; it also gives an option to launch trigger email campaign if the receiver of the email clicks on certain links.

  • Direct Listening Of Customer Grievance

This email marketing service maintains a direct relation with its users, any problem faced will be listened by the customer support team through a direct phone call, email or live chat.

  • Foreign Language Support

The user can use the foreign language support in order to make the email campaigns more understandable to people who are living in other countries. Foreign language support helps the user to have a benefit to make more customers other than his home country.

Lacking of Emailbrain

  • Complex To Use

It is very complex to use because it takes some time to acknowledge while a user tries to select a template for the email.

  • Live Chat Support

Live chat support not available in the service is a minus point for the site. The user can’t talk to his subscriber face to face


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