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Features:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
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If  you are searching for a  authentic and secure  green web hosting service which is not only environment friendly but which  also provides a  carefree  service , then we at Jcount  would go with While going through the Greengeeks hosting reviews , we came across a very important feature of this host service  which was appreciated by all its customers was that it is the most eco-friendly web hosting service provider which acquires its 3x the amount of grid power with wind energy. GreenGeeks hosting  service  is  simply getting  green energy certificates, but are using eco-friendly methods by using low-energy  web servers, by safeguarding  their offices and data centres, by contributing in the Europe Earth Day commitments .

Features That Make Greengeeks Unique

GreenGeeks has been the industry’s leading   green energy  web hosting service  provider proudly  serving  over  100,000 websites with the best service to  the customers from over 150 countries , since 2006 . The  unique features of Greengeeks hosting service that is making it a perfect choice for all the personal and small business users are given below.

    1. Free Domain Name Registration and Domain Transfer : With Greengeeks hosting , users are not only able to register one domain name for free but they can also transfer a domain to this service without paying any fee for the same for lifetime.
    2. Secure and Genuine Service:  Greengeeks hosting has earned a name for providing completely secure and reliable web hosting services.  The network uptime is only 15 minutes off in a month by our monitoring program.
    3. 24×7 Customer Support Service:GreenGeeks hosting provides a  great customer support, great  loyality , and they take extra steps to ensure that  there are fewer issues on servers by solving  their customers problems  when they enquire.
    4.  Unlimited Bandwidth: Greengeeks hosting service has  provided unlimited bandwidth for their shared hosting plans to provide more than enough bandwidth to all the customers for the usage according to their needs.
    5. Unlimited Web Space: With Greengeeks hosting services an unlimited web space is available for its customers according to their requirements which enables the user to work efficient and comfortably.


  1. Free Site Migration and Starter Site:  This feature of Greengeeks is one of the most important among all the other features as it not only provides free site migration but also a free Starter site which is attracting many individual and small business users.
  2. Unlimited Email Accounts: With unlimited disk space and bandwidth Greengeeks hosting service is also providing the facility to its shared hosting customers to create unlimited email accounts which helps the users to simplify their work.
  3. VPS  Hosting  With  SDD  Cache :  This feature is  perfect  for  busy and  resource  concentrated  websites.  With Greengeeks hosting services the user experience the flexibility and power of committed  enterprise resource at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

Summary  For

Greengeeks web hosting service have received  dozens of awards, mainly for their contribution towards their eco-friendly approach  to an industry that is having a well -known  high environmental  impact which makes it a perfect choice for  the users all over the world .



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