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Softlayer reviews

The Content Delivery Networks allows the server administrators to reduce some load from their servers with the usage of various distributed servers hosted by various CDN service providers. Although the CDN system mostly aims at reducing the server’s load but can also be used to mount the overall access speed leading to the increase in the flexibility of dynamic websites. It also helps to reduce bandwidth by serving quality content to the end users from the geographical locations near to their connect point.

Softlayer is one of the best and reliable CDN service providers in the industry. The starring quality service of the concern has compelled us to create reviews for softlayer in order to give you the best knowledge of the concern.

Some quality CDN features of Softlayer is listed below-

Dynamic website acceleration

The dynamic websites require access to a database server along with constant and speedy creation of the web pages. Softlayer’s CDN services offer various options for caching the accessed pages repeatedly. This feature also allows clients to host the databases/ applications on their own.

Workflow Automation

With the quality CDN services of Softlayer you can easily set triggers on the content workflow of your site allowing easy to do automated manual tasks transforming your content within no time.

Use of Analytic software

Along with the content delivery system Softlayer provides analytic services which enable you to keep track of your usage stats. This facility also provides marketing solutions to help in effective content distribution.

Integrated Content Delivery

The global delivery network of Softlayer is built specially to store and deliver the entire content library irrespective of size or object type. This integration also offers a global cloud storage solution which enables unprecedented content workflow enabling better controls over business logics for best results.

On-demand storage

This is one of the awesome service feature of Softlayer . On demand storage facility can be used for backup, general storage or caching and is usually served on per gigabyte basis.

Policy Based Replication

The CDN services of Softlayer are quite reliable and efficient. The highly graded services of the concern ensure no failure or unsatisfactory work delivery at any point. This features stands to satisfy your business requirements ranging from ready access to high quality content delivery in real time.

Secure integrate cloud storage

It’s a snap to integrate securely the Cloud Storage into your present digital applications and workflows. This special service feature of Softlayer offers you the opportunity to ingest from just anywhere so that there is no mis -conduct in the networks server. It also eliminates the chances of files delivery at wrong destination.

Final Verdict

In our Softlayer review we have tried to embed all the quality features of eth concern for your reference but the rest decision lies with you.  Using a CDN might prove to be a great way to reduce stress on the hardware of your server. This quality system also makes the easy distribution of content within the quick turnaround time.

Our Softlayer cdn reviews would prove to be of great help to you in regard to selecting one of the best CDN service providers.


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