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Udemy is a renowned name in the market of e- learning. It is a world-wide spread online learning program, which gives choices of numerous subjects to learn. As per statistics, more than 3 million people are taking online courses in more than 190+ countries. Udemy.com offers more than 16000 courses in more than 10 languages throughout the world. They are the best choice for the teachers, instructors and all the individuals who want to learn and broaden their knowledge on subject of any kind. Udemy.com is very flexible and easy to operate.

Udemy and Students:

Udemy.com acts as a boon for the students. No matter whatever subject they choose, Udemy provides it in no time. Udemy.com provides almost all the courses and more than 70% are free of cost for the welfare of the students. They frequently emanate with numerous promos, offers, and concessional rates to make it easier for the students to choose different course and try new subjects. Udemy defines it as “the democratization of education” giving opportunity to all to learn. All students with the help of the site can easily educate them almost on all subjects in all time.

Courses structure:

Udemy.com has numerous subjects to offer in almost all the streams students are willing to learn. They have different learning programs starting from Programming, Web Designing, Yoga, Designing, Photography, Spanish, Marketing, Finance and Cake Decorating etc. The courses in Udemy.com are minimum of 30 mins and can extend till 3-4 hours depending of the nature of the course. The wide range of subjects offers great help to all the individuals from varied profession to learn from the site.  It provides with the facility of high content video, which enhances learning. It makes the courses easier, presentable and interesting with use of different graphics and pictures and diagrams. Udemy promotes self-study concept. Both learning and creating courses in udemy.com are very guileless.

Specialty of Udemy:

Udemy.com gives full freedom to the instructor, as the instructor are allowed to charge their course as per their craving, no pressurization is made from the Udemy Team. It acts as a good place of learning for the instructors, teachers and course designers. The courses are not charged on hourly basis rather are charged entire course wise. Students are benefitted by this as they are in position to learn the course as per their convenience.

Udemy.com charges a portion of the profit from the instructor and almost 30% of the fees paid by the students. This works as a great platform for teachers as they know that they can easily sell their product. Udemy acts as the best platform for e-learning, the team of Udemy makes it bit stringent in uploading the study material. They make sure that 60% of the course must content video; the quality of video is again double patterned. Students paying for the course never feel it to be a muddle. Team of Udemy works 24*7 day in out to give best service, all necessary helps are given to both the instructor as well as the learners.

As per the review of Udemy it can concluded that, having no doubt in the mind, it is one of the best podiums for e-learning providing numerous courses.


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