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Vertical Response – Review

Finding leads in any business is always important for a building an affordable email marketing. It helps you with more Sales, Campaigning, Marketing, and Higher Customer Delight. But to manage the leads, it cannot be done manually. Hence, it is necessary to automate the process as much as possible with the auto responders from the email marketing network.

Email Marketing and Business Campaign and Promotion make use of electronic mail for the purpose of delivery of commercial message to customers. It is gaining popularity these days with the use of the internet all around the world. As a result, it is utilized in a number of ways for Building Customer Loyalty, Creating Brand Awareness and Business Campaign and Promotion.

The success of Email Marketing is about providing targeted messages to customers. VerticalResponse offers quality email design, promotion and campaign management capabilities. It combines your email marketing with your social networking to improve your company’s reach.

Pros of VerticalResponse

Built-in Survey Creation

VerticalResponse is one such company that provides an integrated survey solution which is easy to manage and track. Though some extra amount is to be paid, the surveys provide you with very valuable customer feedback which helps in effective marketing strategies.

High Level Marketing Focus

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Large Scale Marketing Campaigns

Integration with Salesforce

One of the most popular customer relationship management services is Salesforce. It offers powerful tools to help you manage your customer data and track your sales leads. It makes a great option for your email campaign needs. It enables you to build contact lists from your customer database, create and send emails, etc.

Excellent Business Organization Memberships

  • Small Business Development Centers
  • Email Experience Council
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Email Sender and Provider Coalition

Effective Event Management Tools

The event management tools are perfect for promoting just about any kind of event. You can even include a shopping cart feature for selling tickets in advance. Even, you can promote your event on social networks. It enables access to real time registration and ticket sales data through your dashboard. Though they charge an additional fee for the access, the convenience is likely to be worth the money.

More Learning Resources

The VerticalResponse Knowledge Base has a wide variety of user guides, video tutorials to learn about general email marketing concepts.

Cons of VerticalResponse

Extra Fees

Although VerticalResponse offers one of the most affordable entry-level plans in the industry, it is essential to understand that this price doesn’t provide access to the full range of features. And you won’t be able to make use of VerticalResponse’s great social media marketing tools, event-planning features unless you pay extra.

Free Trial restricted to 100 emails

VerticalResponse offers a free trial account that enables you to experience the company’s email marketing software, promotion and campaign analysis tools.

No proper browser support

VerticalResponse’s tools are fine with Internet Explorer or Firefox. But if you prefer Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, you should be prepared to switch to a well supported browser.


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