Privatoria for secure communication, data protection and anonymous surfing


What does Privatoria company Do? is a service for individuals and business   for secure communication, data protection and anonymous surfing.
So the product includes the following solutions:

Secure VPN and Anonymous Proxy, that enable you to surf anonymously, change your IP, unblock sites, etc.
Anonymous E-mail, Secure Chat and Secure Call and Video Call for secure communications
Secure file sharing via FTP and Secure Data and Message Storage

Why do we need  Privatoria?

According to publicly available information collected in the Breach Level Index, hackers are kidnapped 80,000 records every hour. Nearly half of all business data is now stored in the cloud.

So Privatoria’s secure solution provides online data protection.

Who is Privatoria for?

Privatoria is a secure solution for business and individuals which are take care of their online privacy.

What makes Privatoria stand out from Others?

There are numerous security services today that enable anonymous browsing and communication. However, unlike traditional security software solutions available on the market today, Privatoria’s product uses a complex approach towards protecting online privacy.

What’s Next? 

The service keeps developing. Privatoria’s software engineers are already working on a new feature VoIP. It will enable making anonymous mobile calls and send secure SMS. The company also plans to implement a lot of useful features that will enable safe communication, anonymous surfing and facilitated file sharing, convenient and publicly available.