3 Reasons Why Physical Backups Are Better Than Cloud-Based / Pros And Cons Of Local And Remote Backups


The loss of destruction can happen from many things. This unwarranted data loss could cripple your activities and cause serious problems. Having a backup system for your data is important to help you retrieve it in the event of a loss.

There are two main types of data backup systems; Physical backup and Cloud-Based backup. Physical backup involves storing your data on a raw device such as flash disks, tape, hard drives, CD-ROM, floppy, or ZIP drives. Cloud-based backup, on the other hand, is the storage of data on an online based cloud server. The data is generally stored on the internet.

Both of these backups have their own advantages and disadvantages. To narrow down this conversation, let’s look at 3 reasons why physical backups are better than cloud-based backups:

1.    Total Control Of Your Data

Cloud-based backups allow you to store your data virtually which is quite advantageous in many ways such as the ability to access the data anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage to this type of backup, however, is that you don’t have full control of your data. The cloud-based platform offering you the backup service also has some level of control and even access to your data.

Physical backup, on the other hand, gives you total control of your data. Everything is done in-house without involving a third party. You determine who accesses the data in-house and who doesn’t. You have 100% control.

2.    Storage Cost Is Cheaper

Cloud-based backup charges premiums which are paid monthly or yearly depending on the package offer and the storage space being provided. While this is advantageous in so many ways such as not having to own backup drives for your data, the total cost that you incur in the long run paying for the premiums will be very high.

With Physical backup, you only incur one single cost and that is the cost of making a purchase for the different kinds of storage devices that you’ll be using to preserve your data. Once you invest in quality large sized data storage devices, you’re good to go. They will offer you good service for years provided that you handle them well as required.

3.    Speedy Process Retrieving Backed Up Data

Cloud-based backup involves storage of data on the internet. This is advantageous because you can access this data anywhere in the world at any time that you need it provided that you have an internet connection. The disadvantage is that the data access and retrieving process can be quite slow if you have a poor internet connection or if the stored files are very big in size.

For physical backup, however, accessing and retrieving data is fast and easy. You simply have to plug in your storage device, select the file you need, and use it.


Our advice would be that you invest in both physical backup and cloud-based backup because you need both more so if you are a busy organization that handles a lot of data.

For the physical backup system, we recommend that you get custom printed wholesale flash drives. These will come in handy not only in data storage but also in marketing your organization’s brand.