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CB Insights Raises $10 Million

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Top 10 Angel Investment Companies

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GoPop by Buzzfeed

What does Buzzfeed Do? Buzzfeed recently declared that it is procuring GoPop, a start up, which is currently offering a free IOS Application for the “Visual conversation” is now available on the play store. GoPop allows you to combine two pictures or any small video clips for creating simple animations. It’s a new way of …

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roundme app

What does Roundme do? Roundme is a simple and a wonderful online application, by which users can create and explore panoramic pictures connected through the portals. This application is available on both IOS and internet, which allows users to search the different spaces which are normally the panoramic pictures of locations.  More about Roundme? Roundme …

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facesin social location app

What does FacesIn Do? FacesIn is an Android Application, which can find out where does your most valuable connections are present, where they will go, and also get notifications if they are nearer to you. The “SoLoMo” technology in FacesIn app is now modified through a partial Pivot into something additionally impressive, providing location wise …

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Viv technology

What does Viv Do? Viv is an international platform that can implement developers to create an interface of Artificial Intelligence for anything. Viv is the easiest way for the people all around the world to reach out with any devices or the services everywhere. Why do we need Viv? Viv is an wonderful creation of …

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What does 23andMe do? 23andMe is a private company which operates on an individual genome test by, direct to customer (DTC) with the saliva. As a human cell consists of 23 pairs of the chromosomes, it was named as 23andMe. It provides a DNA kit, which can be ordered online, you need to give your …

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What does SkyGiraffe Do? SkyGiraffe is an enterprise level platform that organizes the business applications. It is a platform that can integrate a company’s back end process securely, allowing the staff to customize their mobile applications providing code free mobile apps without any costly or huge development team required, saving the time and money. Why …

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What does Wooplr Do? Wooplr is a start up mobile platform in India, discovering the fashion all around the world. It is a social commerce application that helps customers to know what to shop and where to shop depending on their interests and location-based, giving the best guidance of the fashion products to the customers. …

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What does Sigfox do? Sigfox is a startup based in southwest of France, it is the first and in fact the only company which provides global mobile connectivity for the Internet of Things, dedicated completely to low throughput communications. It is re-inventing connectivity by reducing the prices radically and the consumption f energy for the …

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yahoo mobile development

What does Yahoo Mobile Development suite do? Yahoo Mobile Development series measures, develops, advertise and improve your mobile applications with Yahoo tools which includes, Flurry Analytics: Flurry analytics is free, easy to use and can be integrated quick and is available on windows mobiles, IOS, Android, Blackberry, mobile web. Flurry analytic explorer, an interface can …

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What Does Snapchat Do?   Snapchat  is a photo messaging application which was developed by Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown, the Standard University students at that time. Snapchat can be used to take photographs, video recording, add drawings and texts and can be sent to a list of the recipients. These photos and …

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