Why Does Getting Certified In Machine Learning Actually Matter?

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Any individual who has the slightest touch with the technological world is aware of the term Machine Learning. Machine Learning, shortened as ML, is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning primarily enables the computers to learn automatically from their previous experiences with the various applications that run in the computer. It includes not only learning but also improving the performance of the respective applications without being programmed explicitly. The data that is used in or for the application forms the base of the machine’s experience for future improvement. This pre-used data is then fed into various statistical models and algorithms that generate a pattern. This pattern creates learning for the machine that helps it towards improved performance and agility.

Generic Areas where Machine Learning is used extensively

Machine Learning is slowly overtaking all the sectors and areas of our society.  Options such as Python are high in demand because it is quite easy to understand and also it offers a number of other benefits. This overtakes would drive towards a better future. It has been found that currently some of the most renowned companies across the globe are also considering Python to be their primary programming language. One such example is Google. It is said that they are working on a number of future projects that are designed on Python. The primary areas that rely heavily on Machine Learning with Python are detailed as below:

  • Healthcare: The incorporation of Machine Learning in the healthcare domain is revolutionary and eye-opening. Machine Learning helps the clinicians and the pathologists to detect various forms of tumors, provides methods of radiomics measurement extraction, helps in surgery precision, etc. Such advancement of healthcare technology would bring fantastic results within the medical fields in the future.
  • Education: A smart interaction between teachers and students is possible via Machine Learning. Machine Learning points out the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student towards the teacher. As a result, the teachers can plan their lessons in such a way so that every single student is able to benefit and thereby learn from it. It also helps the teachers to identify and motivate those students who have the potential to drop out or run away in order to complete their education.
  • Search Engine Customization: The experience of search engine results is based on the strong foundation of Machine Learning. The various amazing services like searches for images, voice recognition, etc. are gifts from machine learning that the search engines can proudly present.
  • Digital Marketing: The most significant use of machine learning can be seen in digital marketing. Machine Learning can easily personalize the relevant products and merchandise for each and every individual customer. The interactive approach actually helps both the clients and the companies to have a hassle-free and pleasant experience of buying and selling their products.

Reasons to get certified in Machine Learning

When the demand for machine learning has increased so much, individuals are also rushing towards gaining such certifications and add it to the resume. As of now, Python is counted as one of the most efficient machine learning options that the candidates are going for. Here are some of the amazing reasons why candidates are going for machine learning with Python.

  • Gain Expertise: The generic reason to get certified in any field is to gain expertise in that area. It further helps the individual to utilize the gained expertise for further development in that particular area. The situation is the same in the case of Machine Learning. Machine Learning is slowing encompassing almost all the aspects of society. Therefore, more individuals are required to understand Machine Learning in order to uplift the various social areas.
  • Secure better jobs: Almost all the job-offering companies are considering Machine Learning to form their foundation. These organizations belong to all the spheres of employment, for example; Information Technology, Entertainment Industry, Healthcare, Education, Production based industries, Sales & Marketing, to name a few of them. As a result, the companies are hunting for resources that are well versed in Machine Learning. Therefore, having certificates in Machine Learning will definitely help in getting good jobs with handsome salaries.
  • Handling Issues with efficiency: A certification in Machine Learning would help an individual to understand the various angles in that area. It would otherwise be quite difficult and time-consuming to gain knowledge of the same. Machine Leaning Certifications subjects an individual to various real-time issues that actually occur in the numerous industries where Machine Learning is successfully implemented. Therefore, a Machine Learning certified Individual would solve issues more quickly than a non-certified one.
  • Have the latest updates: Individuals who have completed any certifications must need regular brush-up of their knowledge base. This is done primarily to maintain the certifications’ validity. In the hindsight, it also allows the individuals to have the latest information on the subject. It is the same scenario with Machine Learning certifications as well. Therefore, getting certified in Machine Learning will always help to stay updated with the newest trends and information.
  • Develop effective Machine Learning approach: A certification in Machine Learning would definitely help the individual to use better approaches while developing and maintaining the systems that use Machine Learning extensively. It is because as mentioned above, the updated information that the certified individuals have would help them in doing these things easily.
  • Better understanding of data analytics: Data analytics process and methodologies are becoming extremely important in our day-to-day lives. The various processes of data analytics have been successfully used to predict weather conditions, forecast share market variations, indicate economically as well as social growth rate, predict harvest rates of crops, forecast political exit polls, etc. Machine Learning is becoming a very important part of data analytics as time passes. Therefore, getting certified in machine learning would definitely provide a strong food hold in the data analytics area.

Other Machine Language Certifications

While the main reasons to get certified in Machine Learning have been extensively discussed in the above sections, it is equally important to have overview of the most popular Machine Learning Certifications available in the market. The demand of Python has been already explained, but there are also many other options that are available. It is said that if you have gone through the certification course of Python, it becomes much convenient for you to learn many other machine learning such as Java and many others. This is because the training course of Python makes the basic knowledge of machine learning quite clearer than before. Hence, it becomes quite convenient for individuals to understand the other languages that are even difficult than Python.


Machine Learning is the latest hype in the technological market. In order to understand the essence of machine learning one should have some previous knowledge in linear and logistic regression, various forms of machine learning algorithms like ‘Naïve Bayes Classifier’, ‘K Means Clustering’, ‘Support Vector Machine’, etc. along with Decision trees and Random Forests. Even though we have come down a long way in technological advancement, the human touch of research never fades away. While choosing to complete any machine learning certification, it is always advised to compare all the available ones. This exercise helps in understanding the exact needs of the individual and finding the correct solution for the requirements.