10 Benefits of Virtual Events

Seminars, job fairs, trade shows and conferences play a prominent role in businesses. These events are conducted frequently to reach a wide range of audiences. The reason could be introducing new products or conducting a job fair.

It’s no surprise that Coronovirus has had a huge impact on every aspect. Social interaction and connection is an important part of everyone’s life. Businesses are finding innovative ways to stay connected to share their experiences while following the social distancing rules. Businesses have turned towards virtual events or hybrid events. It has been increasingly popular for good reason. Virtual events help event planners to expand their target audience and also promote their products or services.

People are hosting virtual events for many reasons. It includes cost-effectiveness, increases participant count, saves time and more. It is an excellent way to improve ROI and track important details about your target audience.

Benefits of virtual events

Expand target audience

People believe that the count of attendees in virtual events will be less compared to in-person events. As per research, the attendance level of virtual events is 29% higher than in-person events. The reason is simple, no travelling, attendees can connect anywhere according to their comfort. Whether a person lives in Texas or Berlin, they can attend virtual events. Keeping it simple, virtual events can avoid geographical barriers. Virtual events are the best way to expand your target audience.


Virtual events are a suitable option for businesses that are running on a shrinking budget. Because virtual events are more cost-effective than in-person events. Virtual events are 75% cheaper than in-person events, as event planners can save their money on the venue, accommodation, staff, travel cost, meals, setup, etc. All you need to do is create event app on virtual event platforms. You need to pay a few dollars to utilize their services.

Save time

Event planners can save your time on business logistics while hosting virtual events than live events. The virtual events will need a few things to set up i.e event website, participant registration form, creating presentation content, promoting the event, event marketing, recording the event and more. There will be additional presenters for coordination. When compared to in-person events, virtual events can save your time tremendously. In general, virtual events can be the best solution for businesses that require a short turnaround time.

Enrich your sponsor’s value

If you’re a newbie to virtual event concepts, you might feel that virtual event management doesn’t provide value for sponsors or partners. Because, there will be no in-person connection, physical venue, stalls and more. Have a closer look at virtual events, you can find different pictures of them. The fact is sponsors can effectively connect with their participants at any time and anywhere. Also, showcase their business products or services using top social community platforms. Event planners don’t need to bother about empty booths at their in-person event venue.

Enhanced attendee feedback

Attendee feedback is important. It allows you to better understand your attendee requirement, concerns and more. You will have a clear idea of what you should do and how to implement it. Feedback can enhance the work that you’ve been doing. Requesting feedback during in-person events can be a daunting task. However, virtual events will help you while collecting your attendee feedback. Event planners can create a survey or rating system via push notifications. Collect the feedback and plan your next event for better.

Greater flexibility

There will be several concurrent sessions conducted at the conference. Let’s consider in-person events, attendees can participate in one conference only. They need to sacrifice remaining events. But in the case of virtual events, participants can attend multiple events. For example, when a participant is attending a virtual conference, when there are other important conference events happening at the same time, participants can record those sessions and watch them later. Sometimes, participants might not join the virtual session due to personal reasons, they can request on-demand content access and watch at their comfort. With virtual events, there are several options available for participants.

High availability of quality speakers

Quality speakers are always on high demand. When you’re planning to host a virtual event with a professional speaker, you need to book their availability before one month. Presenters will always be running on a busy schedule. With the demanding schedules, quality speakers cannot commit their availability to an in-person event. But, the professional speakers are willing to take part in pre-recorded sessions. This really sounds amazing right? Yes! High-profile speakers also show interest in video chat as well.

No more surprises

Goodbye to sudden surprises. Virtual events avoid in-person event concerns such as weather condition issues, limited seats, etc. Virtual events will happen online, you don’t need to worry about poor weather conditions or other chaos, everything will be under your control.

High scalability

The virtual or hybrid event has the power to scale and offer accommodation for as many audiences as required. While in-person events will have limited space available either in venues or hotels. Also, the conference rooms will have a limited number of seats. With virtual events, planners can expand their participant registrations. Every participant will be happier.

Virtual events can achieve the goal by making a few scaling things like networking rooms and designing simply and easily. Thereby, virtual events help to free up event planner time. Event organizers can concentrate on other important aspects that help to grow the revenue.

Analytics at your fingertips

It can be a daunting task for event organizers to track every activity of the participants in the in-house events. With virtual events, things got simpler. Virtual event software provides analytics of every individual attendee. Organizers can maintain participants’ logs in real-time. They will have a track of records of when a participant has joined and left the event, interest, attention, action and attendance.


With the impact of pandemic, everyone is forced to adapt the latest virtual and hybrid event strategies. There are several benefits associated with virtual events such as saving time, saving money, increasing audience participation, flexibility, scalability and more. Businesses are switching to virtual events as they are offering more benefits than in-house events. Event organizers need to spend their time on event websites, registration forms, email marketing, feedback, etc. This doesn’t take much time or resources.