10 Guaranteed Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales


The online market is huge now. Who would have foreseen Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s rise to the top at the turn of the millennium? It doesn’t matter if you are an existing business or a new start-up, you are going to need to create an online presence in order to survive in this day and age. But this can be a bit of a minefield, and even if you do know what you are doing, naturally, business has its ups and downs. This blog will look at the simple and effortless ways that businesses can begin to see their sales increase for their online store, with the help of 10 methods on how to boost eCommerce sales.

1.  Target Existing Customers

It’s easy to assume that for your business to grow, you need to continually acquire more additional customers. Whilst this is very important for growth, it is also equally important to retain existing customers. Not only have they remained loyal to your business, they know the brand, have reliably higher conversions rates and add more content to their shopping carts than one off or new customers. Customer loyalty programs alongside personalisation of marketing towards them will continue the bond between their wallet and your products. Loyalty programs are a surefire way of how to boost eCommerce sales as it will bring back your regular punters again and again with the lure of a reward for their loyalty.

2.  Email Marketing

It seems many businesses have connotations of being involved in some spam or GDPR scam by using a mailing list as a legitimate part of their business strategy. But the importance of mailing lists and email subscriptions are unrivaled in some ways. Huge swathes of businesses are overlooked by Facebook and Google, but if you retain your own email list you are in control of those customers’ contact with your business. Abandoned carts can be identified and the buyer notified, the customer can also be faced with increased upselling opportunities as a result of mailing lists. Indeed, the whole notion of repeated purchases -similar to retaining existing customers – is the main advantage of email marketing and important in how to boost eCommerce sales. Not only does it cost less to pull in a new customer, but it is much easier to complete a repeated transaction than battle for a new one.

3.  Product Bundling

Amazon is the master of this technique and it is a huge weapon to have in your eCommerce arsenal. Product bundling increases your average order value. Why would you not want to try and sell 2, 3 or 4 products in the same transaction. Say for instance you are selling a tool which has 4 different additional attachments for purchase. You are much more likely to sell them with the tools than have additional sales of individual attachments. This tactic goes back to the bare-bones haggling witnessed in fruit and veg markets. In terms of how to boost your eCommerce sales, product bundling is a surefire way to increase customer experience whilst also increasing your average order value, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

4.  Mobile Phone friendly

It’s estimated around 2/3s of millennials shop on their phones. Overall, there’s a substantial portion of the potential market which is browsing using their mobile phone, which means you cannot just assume that your eCommerce platform is solely for those on desktops or laptops. Plainly, how to boost your eCommerce sales is to make your brand mobile phone friendly. You want the website or app to be optimised for these devices as we all know from experience ourselves that it is off putting when websites are not mobile phone friendly and you are trying to navigate using a phone. On top of this, building an app should be your top priority. This makes the customer experience much better, quicker and easier which will ultimately draw in heaps of additional customers to the brand.

5.  Brand Awareness

It’s so important to have a presence in an ever saturated market. Hope are you ever going to get people to make purchases without them knowing about the very existence of your business. It is basic business management knowledge, but it’s such a pivotal point which is often overlooked. For this, you want to be everywhere. You want a strong social media presence, all your content SEO incorporated and to be using optimised digital marketing strategies like Google Shopping management, whereby you can increase the traffic to your eCommerce site like never before. Exposing your brand to an increased scope of customers is one of the best ways on how to boost your eCommerce sales.

6.  Discounts and Sales

An old classic, but perhaps a bit of a taboo in the current age. It seems that way anyway. Frankly, businesses should be offering more sale options to increase their revenue and flow to their brand. Perhaps, the best at this is ASOS. The online clothes giants have lots of sales, discount codes and coupons which attracts customers – who doesn’t enjoy a sale?! A way around losing out on swathes of profit is by jacking up the initial price of the product then putting it on sale to avoid huge profit losses, an absolute classic marketing technique. Regardless of the logistics of your discount, flash sale or having added incentives through specific future coupon deals (% off orders over £50), reducing the price of products (this can work particularly well when aligned with seasonal holidays) or even just making the buyer appear like they are saving money is another option of how to boost ecommerce sales in your business.

7.  Improve your digital strategy using data analysis

Whether you have a team employed or are using high tech AI through a powerful server, you are going to want to have some form of data analysis in place for your business. The only way to know what is working and what is not is to review your strategy in depth. This helps with understanding who your target audience is, how to incorporate them into your digital strategy further and with a strong data analysis you can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to make the business more efficient and economical. By knowing the operational reality of your eCommerce campaign you can adapt more positively accordingly. For example, by utilising data analysis you know the exact economics of every product you are selling, allowing you to identify the best and worst and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s clearly a true benefit of technology and a certain advantage on how to boost ecommerce sales, which can be used to improve efficiency throughout.

8.  Increased Customer Experience

Providing your customer with a nice experience through interaction, personalisation and ease is probably the best method of how to boost eCommerce sales. Product rating and reviewing of feedback is important to allow for future benefits and improvement. After all, the customer always knows best… The implementation of things like chat boxes and AI to interact with the customer on a much more relatable scale, along with the advantages this provides such as instant and 24/7 communication with potential buyers means you have more chance of securing a deal. Furthermore, providing a level of ‘care’ with an easy path for the buyer with things like free shipping and cheaper deals is a surefire way of attracting business and assuming advantages over your competitors.

9.  Influencer Partnerships

The world is obsessed with celebrity culture nowadays. Many companies use influencers for discount codes and brand exposure, which ultimately attracts swathes of customers who are obsessed with copying the latest trend set by the influencer. Going even further than this are some companies, including Zalando, who are now using influencers in an even more integral way to promote their brand. Upon the opening of the Zalando app you can select some influencers whose dress sense you like. Using this data, the app automatically points you towards clothes you might like or products that might suit you. This is taking the obsession with celebrity culture to a whole new level and actively incorporating it into the structure of the business plan. But if that’s what the current cultural and social trends are then its definitely how to boost eCommerce sales.

10.  Different payment options

Finally, you don’t want to fail at the final hurdle. All your hard work can come crumbling down from around the potential buyer as they find out their card is not accepted by your businesses checkout system. This is such a silly way to lose business after having basically secured a sale through various other digital strategies. You want to be able to accept all  cards, not just Visa and MasterCard, whilst also incorporating the use of PayPal. Keeping up-to-date with current methods such as Apple or Samsung Pay is crucial with regards to this as well.

All businesses will face slow periods, but it’s how you react to these that makes or breaks the brand. Whilst some of these ways can take a bit of time and implementation, others can be done in a matter of hours. No matter which strategy you choose, these 10 ways are guaranteed methods of how to boost eCommerce sales and ultimately propel your business forward in a tough market. You’ll be batting away competitors and reaping the rewards in no time, trust me.