10 Most Loved Employee Engagement Activities

One of the most tough things that any boss or manager has to deal with is how to keep their employees engaged. If you’re a boss who’s reading this article, you know how difficult that can be. There are plenty of ideas out there in the Internet, but you might not have found an activity or strategy that will work for you.

Well, the good news is that this article is going to give you the most loved employee engagement activities for you to try with your employees. Employee engagement is the key to success and should be a priority for you and your company. Read on to learn more!

  1. Ask Your Employees for Ideas.

The first item on this list isn’t an activity per say, but is a great way to start getting ideas for engagement activities from your employees themselves. What’s better than having your idea being implemented by management? Not much!

So give your employees ownership over their own engagement by having them choose some activities to take on. If you see what they want before implementing activities, they’re more likely to stay on board and take you seriously.

  1. Hold A Competitive Fundraiser.

Holding a competitive fundraiser is a fantastic way to get your employees engaged with the community and help out with a social cause. Plus, they’ll be able to start working together towards one common goal. This is going to do wonders for how your employees work together and how effective your team is in the workplace!

  1. Do A Potluck Lunch.

Who doesn’t love a good potluck lunch? No one! Potluck lunches are great ways to get your employees together and have some fun together during the middle of the work day. Have each employee bring a different dish and see how creative everyone gets.

  1. Get Involved with The Community.

One of the best employee engagement activities out there is to organize some volunteering with your employees at a local nonprofit or charity organization. There are plenty of organizations out there that are in desperate need of help and your employees can help to fill that need. Plus, they’ll get to spend time together and build up on that team work.

  1. Organize Hack Weeks or Marathons.

Hacking doesn’t just have to deal with computers and electronic devices. You can organize a “hack week” or “hack marathon” with your employees so they have to spend a certain amount of time coming up with critical ideas about a real-world problem. This not only gets your employees thinking, but allows them to come up with ideas that can actually be implemented by management. Talk about ownership!

  1. Create A Sharing Space Right in The Office.

A great way to get your employees engaged with each other and with the company is to create sharing spaces in the office. Many employees report feeling disengaged with work because they’re so isolated during the day from other employees.

You can organize one room in the office that’s a collaboration space – to be used at least one hour per day by each employee. Or you can get rid of all those desks and have employees work at desks together.

  1. Encourage Staff Personal and Professional Development.

Bringing in guest speakers and having your employees attend personal and professional development classes are great ways to get your employees engaged with development. Developed employees who are constantly learning new things and improving themselves are going to be much more engaged at work than otherwise.

  1. Bring A Spa to The Office.

Many companies are working with spa companies to bring massage therapists and other relaxation experts to bring them in on a monthly basis. This is going to do wonders for your employee’s relaxation needs and get them working harder.

  1. Conduct A Fun Scavenger Hunt.

If you have a big project coming up, a great way to engage your employees with this project is to organize a fun scavenger hunt so they can learn more about the project. You can have them go around the office and each clue will teach them something different about the project.

  1. Organize A Work Night Party.

Of course, an evening out on the town is going to do wonders for your team’s engagement levels. Not everything has to be about work all of the time, so let your employees relax a bit at a corporate dinner or some time at the bar with their fellow coworkers.

There are tons of ways out there for you to raise the engagement levels of your employees. And these activities are so fun that your employees won’t even believe that they’re at work! Try these out and see how they work next week at work.

Photo by Mindaugas Danys, CC BY 2.0