The competitiveness in digital space is no different from the offline framework of the market. So as a beginner are you looking for developing your own website but due to many constraints can’t seek for professional developers? No worries, there are more more website builders for beginner have got your back which provides you with absolute ease to encompass a full-fledged functional website, easy to work upon and provide the visitors with the user-friendly experience. The best thing about them is you don’t have to be a pro at any of the programmings, an amateur too can draft its website with the aid of these website builders.

Here are top 10 easy website building tools for beginners:


WordPress is one of the most popular website building tools for beginners owing to its easy to operate attributes. Be it the for the smaller business looking for a powerful entrance in digital space with impressive website, or exuberantly relevant news publication site with substantial deliverables, or the blog site with writings over anything and everything, WordPress provides the user with the flexibility and ease to choose their ideal.

With the simple drag and drop interface, you can also find some additional website builder plugins, which can provide you with absolute ease to encompass an impressive functioning website with spectacled appearance. One of the many best things WordPress offers the users is the flexibility to customize the website complete with its professional themes and plugins.


Established itself as the graded website building tool, Squarespace is nothing less than a total bliss for tech-novices. With its executively designed templates to choose from, it sets the higher standards for drafting the website over. The pre-designed templates are devised with impressive aesthetics that is another reason to choose Squarespace as your website building tool. With the alluring features for beginners like the intuitive text editor, it is absolutely delightful to encompass the business website with the aid of Squarespace.

  1. WIX:

Ranking amongst the top website building tools for beginners, Wix is your another go website building tool that can help you in encompassing any type of website. With its number of professionally designed templates to choose from, Wix is also devised with ADI (artificially designed intelligence system) which can help you in designing the layout of the website in adherence to your tailored needs and specifications.

The website building tool can also help in devising your websites with parallax, videos, and more, even without the know-how of professional coding. It is a free website building tool that comes with the drag and drop interface and advanced tech features suitable for different types of websites.  Not only that it also ensures that the website is absolutely responsive and functions well on mobile devices too.

  1. COM:

The best of the features that webs offered to beginners is the free domain name for the website along with pre-designed templates by professionals. The drag and drop interface is a much relief to beginners as they don’t have to be versed with all the programming. What differs it from other website building tools is its feature of categorized themes that helps the users to choose the theme as per their business genre.


The website building tool is devised with some intuitive features like drag and drop editing tool and is amongst the top chosen website building tools for beginners. Other persuasive features of Weebly include professionally designed options for website layouts, website stats and a lot more. It comes with the whole set of guidelines which is nothing less than a guided tutorial for neophytes.

Moreover, the website building tools can be well integrated with thousands of apps and plugins that can boost the functioning of the website. One of the many reasons to choose Weebly is its unpaid offering of the subdomain on Weebly. Com.


Let’s start illustrating Shopify with its offered benefactors that make its one of the best website building tools it provides you with the platform for website building and blogging that can help in capitalizing your e-commerce business in the digital era. Another reason to choose Shopify is its themes which are completely responsive and provides with the user-friendly experience to the visitors on your website.

Moreover, the Shopify devised websites are in no longer needs of third-party integration for a smooth payment gateway or to integrate their social media platforms with the website. Shopify is one of the most popular website building tools for beginners, with its exclusive features offered for e-commerce business.

  1. SITE123:

As a beginner, if you are looking for a website building tool for the online store, Site123 is your one step solution. Its ADI system is quite intuitive and can help in encompassing the complete website in a few minutes. One of the coral attributes of Site 123 includes the sidebar editing tool which is a complete bliss as it enables the developer to change the layout while adding content to it simultaneously.

  1. iPage Website Builder:

With its drag and drop interface, it helps you in creating the impressive websites for your business. It also helps in creating the responsive websites owing to its mobile friendly themes. The professionally designed templates the easy to operate interface are some of the other reasons to choose it as a website building tool for beginners.

Moreover, you can simply edit the varying disciplines of the website by merely clicking them while previewing them live.

  1. GoDaddy:

What makes GoDaddy one of the most popular website building tools for neophytes? The answer is its 24*7 customer support on the phone which helps the beginners in resolving problems at any given time. With its simple features that can help in drafting websites with the decent yet full-fledged functional website. Also, GoDaddy is quite popular for its best online hosting deliverables.

  1. BoldGrid:

The functioning of BoldGrid is quite similar to that of the WordPress but if you are looking for some advanced attributes and the drag and drop feature to help in encompassing the tailor-made website, BoldGrid is your one step solution. Like WordPress, it is also devised with several plugins and can also help you with your content domain by finding the suitable and adding them to help you being the runner in your niche.