Most organizations agree that employees are their most significant resources. What they neglect to acknowledge is that for the present employees, their pay rates are greater than a scorecard. Indeed, there are numerous more powerful approaches to keep the ability upbeat and locked in.

Organization advantages remain a remarkable open door for most organizations, who aren’t taking the full favorable position of the interest of non-money related benefits for general employees. An ongoing industry contemplates that 48% of representatives would measure organization benefits as well as perks, including the accessibility of food, in their choice to locate their next activity. This is additionally apparent when working with freelancers or part-timers since benefits will be more than jump at the chance to decide whether they remain after the task is finished.

Before involving deeper with the topic, it is suggested to know the difference between Benefits and Perks.

Benefits – It is a non-wage coverage that is offered by the management wherein the employee has to contribute themselves if necessary.

Perks- These are additional advantages to the employee’s salary and packages. It may be varied among other employees.

Below are the top 10 benefits and perks that major organizations offer their employees:

  1. Performance Bonus

All the monetary considerations have certain limits. These bonuses are proposed in order to make the employee engagement with the work.

Performance bonus increases the enthusiasm and interest in the employee who fights for the positions. It indirectly creates a path towards control and ownership.

It can indirectly motivate the employee and ensure profitable improvement with them. Only when the management notices the expertise and worthy results in their respective duties, the opt to reward them.


  1. Attentive Shower Facilities

In most recent software organizations, the work culture has been changed enormously. Besides a major part of reducing the risk during continuous work, the management handled a wide variety of tasks with the employees. The programs are conducted to maintain relationships and create a friendly atmosphere on the floor.

Among such shower facilities were included in a few small-medium businesses along with gym facilities. This makes employers feel relaxed and become free to work innovatively and with lots of extra patience. The management who is responsible for providing such facilities in the organization should definitely think big and interesting. For that adding High Tech Shower Cabins into the showering area would probably feel so extravagant and attractive to the employees.

  1. Retirement Benefits

Retirement, the name itself suggests a mode of relaxation. It means the period after the employment is so crucial. Because the employee who has given out their responsibilities and retired into position with respect to age is termed to receive a certain amount from the organization. Not all the organizations provide retirement benefits.

So the management in any organizations plans respectively with the terms of retirement and motive the employee to save their retirement benefit. It may also stick the employee to the organization even though they retired. The organization tends to continue a bond with them.


  1. OT payments

An employee who is under pressure in earning more salaries shall be benefited with this concept. It came into action not only to pay extra income for the needy employee but also to accumulate the necessary tasks within the given time schedule.

It may be offered to the employee in a pressurized situation where there is an urgent need to submit the project to the clients. However, it cannot be fixed, similar to a freelancing job.

Whenever there is a requirement, the management is responsible to post the task and with a time limit to complete. Certain organizations prefer giving OTs(Over Time) tasks and benefit the employee. It is calculated in terms of time and is paid accordingly.


  1. Maternity leaves

Organizations have certain flexibilities with female employees. In that case, they respect their family and contribute their interest and concern towards new parents.

Most of the organization provide maternity leaves based on the employee requirement and condition. These leaves are considered as the Paid off.

Certainly a few organizations provide a cabin for resting. In the initial stages of maternity, the female employee can do their duties in very relaxed manner.


  1. Work from home/anywhere

With a concept of effective work with a reduced stress, Work from anywhere has been introduced in many organizations. It tells that, the employee who feels stress at times can roam out for a cup of coffee. Eventually, they can continue their work from the same place irrespective of what the work is.

This had been a greatest and new step implemented in the most organizations. There might be some cons to the concept, but for the most effective workers in the area can definitely use this option in a right way.


  1. Free Food

Some big companies offer meals and snacks for free. This is one of the best ways of making the employee work conveniently and reduce the time in other facilities which are the daily necessities for every human being.

Poor and timeless meal planners will be happier if such concepts are introduced into their organizations. A few organizations don’t have a long break, they are supposed to offer food at their desks.

However, a few might pay their salary including these luxuries. This type of perks has been introduced in the USA, Canada, and so many other big countries.


  1. Drеѕѕ соdе роlісу

Dress code is a way to address an organization’s honor and pride among others. Most of the cases, the organizations or banks follow certain dress codes and asked their employee to follow them perfectly.

This could probably reflect a clean and impressive effect towards the business branding. Implementing a simple and feel good dress code would bring out the level of interest and punctuality the employee is rendering. Most of the organization would pay for the outfit they provide.


  1. Sexual hаrаѕѕmеnt awareness programs

Numerous соmраnіеѕ рrоvіdе specialized and motivational training and miss out the basic points management аrе mоѕt liable to bе reluctant tо handle by themselves. Among them, Sеxuаl hаrаѕѕmеnt іѕ one. It is a must processed essential awareness program related perks that develops confidence and strength in the employee towards our nation.

It is suggested to plan a motivation and рrеvеntіоn ѕеѕѕіоnѕ on ѕеxuаl hаrаѕѕmеnt in the office environment or else find some good merchant. The merchant have to motivate employees on preventions over the abusive activities around the world.


  1. New hire onboarding games

It is known that the new employees who are new to the organization will be anxious and feel excited. It is difficult for them to understand the culture and the organization environment. It takes time but leaving them idle is not the correct. They should feel like they are in the right hands for improving their career and gain huge diversity.

In doing that, there has to be fun and excitement from the management and the newly hired employee. This is not to make the work disturbed but to create levels of engagement and passion towards the work. Onboarding games and activities can be conducted to boost positive energy in the newly hired employees. It can indirectly improve productivity and team building in the workplace.



What’s more, the data provided also indicate that the growth drives happiness in the workplace. It is found that many employees with “a lot” of growth possibilities in the organization were about 3x more inclined to happiness at work than others who don’t offer development opportunities. Benefits and perks at workplace additionally relate to commitment, profitability, and support.

Besides that, only a few organizations and major companies provide such professional and beneficial programs to the employees not in a mood to get publicity but to attain greater flexibility and commitment at work.