10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Globalization in technology has led to the invention of the mobile phone. From a dial pad phone to a smartphone, you can clearly see how technology is leading us to a more convenient life. But it didn’t stop there There was even more advancement in the technology which has again led to the development of mobile applications. The first mobile app was introduced in 1993. Since then everything in business is a game changer. Now, a phone is not just a pocket-friendly device providing convenience at all stages. But, it could even help your business grow. Yes, 85% of the people spend most of their time on mobile phone using an app. Isn’t that huge?

Are you worried about How to design your app? No worries, you can either hire an app designer or approach an app designing agency. Tell them about your company and all the requirements that your customer needs.

Mobile apps will ultimately help in brand development. If you think mobile apps are only for big brands, then you are wrong. In fact, there are many small businesses who use mobile apps in order to improve interactions with their customers. Be it a coffee shop, a restaurant, a clothing store anybody can develop their own app. Apps are the veer of your business.

Benefits of mobile apps for business

  • Increased brand power
  • Enhanced visibility and accessibility
  • Increased sales
  • Increases brand exposure
  • Easily connect with the customers
  • Create data regarding your clients
  • Direct marketing channel
  • A new way of connecting with your customers
  • Attains customer loyalty

Here are the 10 reasons why you need a mobile app for your business

  1. Build a brand and brand recognition

As earlier said, mobile apps are the means of inducing brand awareness. It helps in building your brand as well as brand recognition. To build a brand you can design your app in the way you want. You can hit your own style that suits your business. It may be functional or informational. But most of all it is important to notice that, your app must be easy to navigate by your customer. Your app must be the reflection of your brand. On the whole, it must be well designed and loved by your customers.

Your brand must be truly recognized by your customers which reflects the brand awareness of your company. The more people visit your app to buy a product or render a service, the more will be your brand recognition.

  1. Customer loyalty

One of the main reasons to create your own business app is to build customer loyalty. From billboards, Facebook ads to the banners, there are many forms of advertisements which have created immense chaos in a customer view. Apps are the most compelling ways to advertise. These are the trust builders maintaining a true connection. And turn them to a loyal customer of your business.

Implement loyalty promotions like sending notifications regarding discounts, promotions etc, you can also provide notifications for your existing customers like product offers, new launches etc.,

  1. Direct marketing channel

Advertising through mobile phones is a new way of advertising. It tweeks a single advertisement into the engagement. Apps provide a wide vartweaksiety of functions like info, a news feed, forms, search engine etc., There are many direct marketing channels such as Facebook, website etc, A product is travelled between many hands before reaching the customer. Whereas in direct marketing, a product is reached directly from the producer to the customer. Examples of direct marketing include door-to-door sales, chain store, post office sales, direct online sales etc,

The advantage of having your own mobile app is that you can provide all the information that your customer needs regarding launches, offers. They can easily access to your notifications from anywhere they are. Direct marketing increases the interaction which can drive sales.

  1. Increases sales

After the launch of mobile apps, 26% of the people use shopping apps and the percentage has been increased to 76%. And even the food delivery apps are into the pace. Out of all the apps, there are about 52% of the food delivery apps. Did you get to know the importance of food delivery apps? The number is pretty high.

If you are really looking forward to increasing the sales, Create an app that can be easily used by the customer providing a great buying experience.

  1. User experience

The app you create must be in such a way that, it should be easy to navigate and easily carry out the functions. It should be the ultimate guide on what to do or if your app is a taxi booking app gives them the indications on where to go. This is a great way of providing a personal experience for your user

When a customer is satisfied with your services, they will ultimately give you a positive review rendering them to become your loyal customers.

  1. Makes the purchase easier

Your purchase has been made easier with integrated electronic payments, net banking, etc., This makes it easier for a customer to make a purchase from you without rendering any special customer service.

  1. Provide value and increase customer engagement

Say goodbye to old school point collection which is done either by a scratch card or point collection card. And now in this digital world, It can be done with the mobile rewarding resulting in more downloads and more customers returns.

You can improve customer engagement by having a messaging feature in your app. You can also integrate with social media apps and share your content. This is a way of increasing customer interaction and gets new followers.

  1. Raise your product innovation

The use of mobile apps in your business can change the dimensions of your business by increasing opportunities. Mobile apps are equipped with technology that can resolve all customer issues and fulfil customer needs. This can pave a path to the innovation of new products.

  1. Boost traffic

There are a lot of apps that launch every day on the apple store and google store. Optimize your website for the app store in order to get high downloads. This will also get you the traffic you need and get the highly authorized backlinks. Select the right keyword and place them in the right place. This could increase visibility and improve brand exposure.

  1. Pave way for new trends

It seems to be a hell to update your business with new technology with the software, mobile apps and mobile sites. In the era of the digital world, virtual reality is getting popular. In the future, there might be apps that provide the facility of Virtual reality shopping.

A brand is a brand, there’s no big or small brand. So, irrespective of the size of your business get into the race of using a mobile app for your business and experience the changes.