10 Things You Must Know About Promotional Products


Marketing and advertising is an important part of running a business. After all, who will patronise your products and services if no one knows about them? One such method is through the use of promotional products. Indeed, they have been tried and tested over the years to be effective for almost any kind of business.

Are you still making up your mind whether to use promotional products for your own business? Maybe these 10 things will help convince you.

They Are Low-Cost but Effective

Full-scale advertising campaigns can cost millions and small businesses may simply not have enough money. Promotional products, on the other hand, are considerably more affordable. What’s even better is that you can be sure that your intended recipients will get the message on a one-is-to-one basis.

They Provide Instant Recognition

One desired outcome of marketing and advertising is positive brand recognition. By using promotional items, you can quickly build association and recall. Indeed, some reports show that almost 90% of consumers can remember the advertisers of promotional products as far back as two years.

They Are Ideal Awareness Drivers

Are you worried about the effectiveness of your chosen promotional products? Don’t worry. They’ve long been proven to be highly successful, especially for driving awareness. They’re also a good way to raise funds for charities, sports teams, and even schools.

They Give Free and Lasting Exposure

Promotional products are more long-lasting than TV commercials, social media videos, and billboards because they get used all the time. The best thing about this is that unlike media placements, you don’t have to pay for every consequent exposure of your promotional products.

There Are So Many to Choose From

T-shirts, notebooks and pens, umbrellas, mugs and tumblers, and caps are just a few of your many options for promotional items. Indeed, there are even more promotional products that your company can offer nowadays. These include thumb drives, eco-friendly pens and pencils, key rings, lip balm, hand sanitisers, and even pet accessories.

They Are Practical

Promotional products can be used again and again. As earlier mentioned, this helps drive awareness and brand recall. Giving away practical, reusable items is also more environment-friendly. This quality is a definite plus for the modern consumer.

They Can Match Your Business

One of the most effective ways to use promotional products is to match them with your business. Are you a tech-based company? Consider giving away flash drives. Do you make and sell cosmetics? A makeup bag will be very much appreciated by your customers.

They Can Help Promote Brand Loyalty

Who doesn’t love free items? With high-quality promotional products that anticipate your customers’ needs, you can easily build brand loyalty. Consider the previous tip: match your promotional products with your business for better association.

They Can Be Good Gifts

Are you looking for simple but memorable ways to show your employees your appreciation? Promotional products are the way to go. Choose premium items for this purpose, such as a fountain pen or perhaps a watch. You can also give similar gifts to your clients and partners for the holidays or their birthdays.

They Can Encourage Referrals

Practical and high-quality promotional products can help you expand your clientele. Your loyal customers will be using the items often, which increases exposure. In turn, this can help increase the likelihood of convincing customers to patronise your brand.

As you can see, promotional products can do a lot for your brand for a small initial investment. Consider using them today!