Video content levitates the sales of a business. Its like magic spell to power up your sales. Videos are the gist of content, all you need to do is to make sure that the videos are seen and make people engage with the content in it. Do you know? Nearly 72% of the video content is absorbed by the people and by 2021 it is going to be about 82%. Now can you imagine the power of video content?  

Many e-commerce websites deliver a message through images than the video because videos are time-consuming, expensive and supremely creative. But using the video content is still worth it. You will need the right strategies and a few innovative ideas. If your business isn’t driving expected sales, you can opt for the video content. Video content will help you highlight the product, services offered and the value of the product. check how your video is going to help your customer. Whether it is a small or large business, video content always drives more traffic. You can use different media players like the best media player mac app for the best quality video.

Video content develops a medium of trust with your customers. video content will offer a human connection which makes them trust your brand and plays a vital role in increasing the sales.

Benefits of video content

  • Increases website traffic
  • Builds trust with the audience
  • Imparts followers on social media
  • Brand exposure
  • Promotion

Wondering, what to do to bring about the success in providing video content?

Here are the 10 tips initiating successful video content.

1.Create a brand story

Before buying a product or service, a customer should develop a connection with your brand. Give the customer a reason to choose your brand. A customer always urges for brand connection before any purchase. Create a story that connects with your customer. The story should completely be in your own voice and your customers perspective. Every brand has its own story. Stand out of the crowd and provide unique content.

One of those compelling ways to deliver your message is by storytelling. Storytelling is the latest trend. Storytelling is one of the old ways yet worth implementing. Use a video to convey your brand story. Tell them how and why you started your company and show them your products.

The main purpose of a brand story is that it conveys your brand story and increases the audiences.

  1. Provide value

Providing value is another key aspect to drive sales. When a person is on your landing page and couldn’t see content. Then it may have a huge impact on your business. Provide value through your content which is customer-centric. When you add a video on landing page it drives the ultimate traffic. It uplifts your conversion by 80%. Instead of feeding your page with all the written content, use video to provide all the info with your customer needs to be embedded.

  1. High-quality video content

The best way to start is by providing the content for your existing customers. Make sure the videos are of high quality, clear and knowledgeable. Sometimes the background music you use may spoil the clarity if there are any real voices in the video. So, ditch the background music. Keep an eye on the quality of the content. High-quality content will eliminate all the doubts and convey all the info about the product and most importantly a video content will help you expose your product to your audience which is the best way to increase the sales.

  1. Get some new audiences

Video content is very necessary as it will help you reach out to new audiences. But many businesses don’t opt for video content because of the cost and time taking. But, it’s really worth your time and money. It’s very common to have a social media presence but there are very few who choose the video content. If the video is of high quality and worth sharing. It will drive your traffic and generate new customers. So, next time you promote your product don’t forget to use the video content.

  1. Create demonstrative videos

If you’re selling a product, you can choose video marketing, unlike the regular ones. In fact, video content works best for selling products. Through a video, you can convey all the product info in detail. It is a great way for anyone to have a brief understanding of your product. About 50% of people prefer to watch a product video before purchasing it. A customer will prefer to visually see how their product is going to benefit them.

  1. Use social video and Microcontent

The video has dominated social media marketing from 2017 and still more to go. Which social media do you use for business? Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Each of these platforms allows you to post videos up to some extent.

Generating a micro video content of your business or a product is another great way of producing video content. Microcontent is nothing but a short 1- 2-minute video. Microcontent drives even more traffic as it allows you to absorb all the info within a minute. Isn’t that great? Make great use of microcontent in your video to reach maximum people in social networking sites.

  1. Improves SEO, Ux and social media presence

As a business owner, you must take complete advantage of the videos to increase the social media presence. Also, the content you produce in the video must be optimized as per SEO rules. You don’t need to create separate videos for different social media platforms. You can use the same video on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc., You can share this video even on youtube. And then you can upload the video to your website for your future customers.

  1. Create mobile friendly videos

Most people use social media and watch videos on mobiles as they are handy and can have access to watch from anywhere and anytime. So, make sure that the videos are mobile friendly. When you use Facebook and other social media the video automatically gets optimized according to the device.

  1. Choose the right tools and tactics

Choose the right tools and strategies to bring about the customers to your website. Make sure video has a good quality. All you need is an idea and a perfect video editing tool. There are many video editing tools available in the market like SDC free video editor, iMovie etc.. Don’t use any hard background music and create an aesthetic video.

Know to whom you want to target your video. Use the right strategy at the right time.

  1. Conversions

A video is a great way to deliver a message and convert them to visitors. So, create compelling video content. Convey a message that your reader wants to hear. You can post the video content instead of the written content. Pack your video content with all the value that you could give to your customer. If the video seems interesting a person may share your content thereby resonating the video.

As said earlier video content is like a magical spill which drives sales and generates a lead. With the video, you can deliver a message to your customer and also promote your product. It is the easiest ways to bring up the audience. Deliver the video content consistently and connect with your customers. When there are enough customers it becomes easy to drive sales to your business.