Are you curious to learn AWS? Wandering for the right resources and place to learn AWS? This article will help to unravel the answers.

Apparently, that curiosity in yourself had brought you here, the quench for finding answers out yourself to emerge as an AWS ninja. First, empower, change and educate yourself, to transform the world.

AWS certification-what is all about?

  • An expert level AWS cloud computing certification that an IT professional receives. It is mandatory to pass at least one exam. It is offered by a cloud provider. It is obtained to
  • Gain an edge over others,
  • Validate technical knowledge
  • Demonstrate your skills

Many institutes are providing certification courses for various level programs such as AWS Solutions Architect.

A subsidiary for online shopping is usually termed as Amazon-Web-Service. It enables its users to shop for Apparels, Electronics, Computers, DVDs, and Books. Apply AWS to build sophisticated and scalable applications. The benefits of using AWS is invaluable like development, storage services, and managing tools, content delivery, analytics services, messaging services, computing databases and many more.

Need for certification

Do you have the need to learn AWS? The answer to this question is an obvious yes. Know a few more reasons for why you need AWS certification:

  • If you are an IT professional or in that matter a CS (Computer Science) aspirant. You are just beginning to look at cloud computing topics. AWS certifications surely bring you a visible change and increase the chance of selecting in interviews.
  • Though AWS certification is not the substitute for real experience, you can take an edge on that, to begin with. It has definitely opened many doors of the dazzling career.
  • Makes you stand on the top of the ladder among others.
  • As the captain of a ship leads to destiny. AWS is the main captain for cloud computing. According to the study, it holds the major market share among others.

Tips to learn for AWS certification

After knowing about AWS certification and its need, passing the exam is totally up to you. All AWS exams are conducted on a similar model. Excellent care is taken to run the examination process. So, there is a 100% assurance, where you will be informed well before the examination date on the website. Hence, know the tips and go well prepared for the exam.

1. Study Networking

Networking is the core foundation of infrastructure. It is more of performance, availability and security. Through this, there will be a global reach of your cloud services. Many companies are now investing in networking infrastructure. Even in the certification, this has been a major subject. Study ahead of these topics as it covers in the certification course.

In fact, it is much easier than on-premise networking systems. Having a good understanding of networking concepts is important.  What to cover?

  • Creating a subnet
  • How to make it private or public
  • Firewall concepts
  • Ports, CIDR, and IP addresses etc.

If you are unaware, of networking concepts just learn it briefly. Don’t start now for AWS. You’ll study intuitively by trying out AWs networking concepts.

  1. Study by practice

Change is inevitable. With the change in trends, technology is also changing. It can eat up your time. As a software engineer, student, developer, and IT professional, you end up in spending considerable time in learning technologies. With the rapid increase in technologies, you have to update yourself and acquire a more in-depth understanding in less time. So it is hard to remember the topics.

Practical AWS is there. This is more concerned with the real application of AWS rather than concentrating than theory and ideas. It offers a simple-to-follow guide and real-world examples. There are case studies related to real-world scenarios.

Even if you are the person who didn’t manage or administer the servers. If you don’t have the sound network/system engineering knowledge. You can opt for these certifications.

  1. Ask it

Beginners always have a lot of questions. Don’t shy away from asking the questions. Before becoming an expert venture in the world of internet. Join forums which provides the best answer for this. Even you come across like “let me Google” that for your type of questions, it’s okay. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek an answer.  

In fact, looking for a solution without anyone’s help is always better. It helps you in searching more. But don’t be ashamed of asking if you need one. Some of the websites, even provide a chat facility to answer the questions you have. Join them, ask questions and get it cleared without any prejudice.

  1. Share it Socially

Once you are an expert and have solid knowledge connect with peers and colleagues. This is a great idea, have connections globally. Human is without a doubt, a social animal. Learn by joining online communities is much more fun. There are many like-minded people world over. Getting updated on topics will motivate you to learn more. This is the purpose of going social.

Participate in activities and events with the groups nearby. In an online community, there is an opportunity to meet the expert and more knowledgeable persons. Grab this and learn more. With thousands of users registering frequently there is a wealth of information available on various topics.

  1. Automation is your final goal

The biggest advantage of having AWS is that of using API. It seizes every opportunity of your publishing, creating, monitoring, maintaining and securing web sockets and REST. Hence, the quality and condition of your infrastructure can be maximized. It greatly reduces the efforts of admin. So have a thorough knowledge about automation and aim for it. You can get most of it through AWS CloudFormation.

  1. Getting the hook of right resource

In this digitalized economy, many institutes are accelerating your career path and furthering your career growth. Many companies are focusing on their core value that is personal growth.  They are a vast majority of resources available to help in achieving the goal. All the help is diverted to complete the certification within the shorter duration of time.

  • Learn the key concepts and the latest trends
  • Adopt the best practices and become an industry-ready professional. Practice the assignments, with the material provided
  • They aid in designing the projects by giving hands-on experience on AWS (Amazon web service) management console
  1. Choose an appropriate location

There are many data centres across the world provided by cloud computing organization.  These are classified according to the regional groups. Each region has its own service model. When choosing the best data centre consider

  • Customer base
  • Closer centre as it is more convenient
  • Matching the services with the user needs
  • Don’t forget about the cost while making the decision because different data centres have various price points.

8.Practice as many tests as possible

As per the saying, the more you practice, the luckier you get. Same goes well with the AWS preparation. You would agree right. Many have experienced the same while learning AWS. Without practical test is highly impossible to learn AWS. The more you take the tests, the higher the knowledge you gain. As the fish needs water, you need practice tests. By giving them you will able to know

  • Where you are standing
  • Your speed of attempting
  • And last but not the least the persistence in learning more.

The practice tests help you in getting more real-scenario experiences. So attempt it.

  1. Taking advantage of free tier services

One of the most beneficial features offered by AWS is employing free tier services. It is given to its users from the time of signing up the process. some are for shorter duration and some are long-lasting. They are more than 60 products available for free such as

  • Always free
  • Twelve months free
  • Free trials for short-term

Explore it and have an advantage. New users can also try for one month of free service. Advantages of using free tier services are numerous and some of them are

  • Through AWS, launch and enjoy the virtual machine of up to 750 hours.
  • Store 5 GB data on the object store
  • Use NoSQL database to store the data up to 25GB

This is all provided for free.

  1. Billing alarm

Users of AWS can avail paid services via pay per use model. Isn’t it easy to lose track of the usage? Yes, right. Then the first thing you have to go for is establishing billing alarm. It will prevent the user from going out of the budget. Though they are many compelling features, you restrict them within your budget itself. If you forgot to do so, they are many unwanted costs, so keep a track of the billing notification. An email will be sent to you once you exceed the limit.


AWS is an exam given by experts to broaden your technical skills and secure high-ranked jobs. With this certification in place, you will be assured of placing yourself in a highly reputed organization. Through this, you can learn, evaluate, practice and demonstrate your new talents in unmatched conditions. This certification, helps you gain in-depth knowledge about the services and principles of AWS. You will know how cloud computing redefines and ruling the IT infrastructure. All, in a nutshell, learn how to scale, plan and design your Amazon web service cloud implementation.