There are many good and slightly used smartphones that are out in the market for sale. These may be second hand or refurbished phones. No matter the type, there are many types of mobile devices available in the smartphone market with different features and highlights. The purchase of such refurbished mobile phones is also increased gradually.

But there are different methods of purchasing these refurbished or used phones. Previously, buying these smartphones from unknown sellers has been a confusing and tough task. But nowadays, with the trends in eCommerce trade and business, many websites are offering better deals that are reasonable and are known to have strong assurance. They even prolong the security of the purchase with a warranty. Considering the comfort level and the level of application, there are several models of smartphones proposed by different companies.

Below are 10 tips that help in buying a refurbished or a used smartphone:

  1. Get to know the difference between refurbished and used mobile

Refurbished smartphones

These smartphones are directly sold from the manufacturer or reseller. They look similar to a new one and are graded according to quality. The prices are higher than the used second-hand mobile devices. These are checked by the experts and are ensured to be in good working and physical condition.

Used Phones

These phones can be brought directly from the vendor or owner. In this case, warranty and renewal procedures may not be encouraged. If else, the owner of the phone has any prior probability of expiry mentioned before. Direct auctions conducted with the seller may be riskier because they don’t always stick to a constant value. The accessories for used phones may not be fresh or new either.

  1. Compatible with the network

It is preferable to check whether the device is compatible with the carrier you work with and make sure to have a preferred and valid network port. The only option here is to purchase the refurbished or used phone directly from the carrier company. Mostly, the preowned network operators offer devices that support their carrier without any breakage and worry.

Depending on the SIM slot, a few of the used phones may fail to work in uneven conditions. GSM and CDMA are a few of the capable phones that are available on the market that are used more frequently.

  1. Buy an unlocked phone

It is also suggested to buy a selective brand smartphone that is unlocked. In many foreign companies, mobiles phones are locked until they have proper documentation submitted. All these rules protect the gadgets from hackers and other malware.

If a refurbished phone is purchased in one country and will be used in a different country, then there is a need to enable and unlock in that country only. In that case, purchasing an unlocked refurbished phone with a little extra cost is a better option.

  1. Apps and Secret Codes

In most of the smartphones, hidden codes are encrypted which can detect self-test routines and extra personal information. Usage statistics and battery information and LCD display test are a few that can be created with these symbolized codes. All these secret codes are developed by hackers and are made public nowadays. Be aware of such determinations before the purchase.

For protecting mobiles from such intrusions, there are many third party apps that help in knowing the actual information about the device. So be aware of them.

  1. Check battery life

Battery life is the main reason every phone is resold to the market again and again. Meanwhile, a rotation of these mobiles with a proper repair and establishment of new parts with the same original one has become a great business in the market. Any smartphone has a durability of 12-14 hours of battery life. Make sure to check the battery expiry and functionality previously. In case, of the refurbished phone, the battery is totally exchanged with a new one.

  1. Was it affordable?

Check and compare a maximum of 4-5 companies that offer the same mobile with the same facilities. Every company looks for profit in terms of marketing, but with the right selection and validity you can compare the reviews and ratings of each company and stand ahead. E-commerce businesses have been growing their marketing business so easily because people love offers and discounts. Look for such trading companies who offer better deals with a reasonable cost and guarantee.

  1. Know the seller

Buying a phone from a direct seller is different from buying it online. When buying online, don’t proceed with little knowledge and decisions that have not been thought through. Connect with the sellers who have the highest ratings and impressions from the audience as the best one.

  1. Check properly when paid

Once the payment is made and the phone is handed to you, make sure to test it in all the diversified ways of knowing its durability. Consider checking the IMEI number, color, accessories, a receipt with a proper attestation. For a few costly refurbished mobiles like iPhones, there is a possibility of insuring it with the purchase. Check properly the settings, features and specifications. Check the camera slots to identify damange, if any.

  1. Consider the type of Warranty

Warranties are different in terms of the period of contracts or direct bonds. A certificate that resembles the confirmation and perceptiveness of warranty is a must when purchasing a refurbished phone. Try out long terms and verified warranties that can be redeemed within the given time duration. A second-hand phone probably won’t offer a valid and genuine warranty. In that case, look directly for the original device in that market.

  1. Have an idea about Return Policy

Reach out to a company that has a clear return policy in its agreement. Sometimes, an unknowingly malfunctioning software or hardware phone will be received. In that case, the return policy can be implemented to get the right product on replacement or in terms of refund on behalf of the purchase. Check and approach those companies which have certified policies both in terms of payments and returns.


The above-mentioned tips are only for making a proper transaction. Security is a huge concern in retail, with mobile phones likely being affected the most. So, stay ahead of the game by making smart purchases and finding the best product for you.