You have heard that search engine optimization is critical for your site to be good SEO services company noticed, but you do not have time to work on it. If you are in the market for the best SEO services company, here are some tips to help you find the right SEO Marketing Company :and also we leave you with a guide of some red flags to avoid.

Number #1. Look for a company that tells you in advance what it costs. A good SEO services company will check your website and estimate the cost of your services before signing contracts. Additional hidden costs should be avoided if possible.

Number #2. See how your SEOs are stacked. If they know what they have to do, they should be in a high position in Google. Enter the SEO Company’s name in a search engine. A good SEO services company practices what they preach. You must find articles, blogs and other websites that are linked to them.

Number #3. Ensure your SEO Service Company explained what you do. A reputable SEO company will always tell you how your search engine optimization campaign is running. You will receive a monthly report that shows the number of links they provide. Do not get confused with a lot of jargon. If they do not clearly describe what they are doing, they may not do much of anything.

Number #4. Find out what others say about them. It is true that some SEO companies are new compared to some others, and it takes time to build a reputation. So, if you don’t see many people mentioning them, this is not necessarily a red flag. It also takes some time to be accredited, so the coming up companies may be working on their market reputations.

Number #5. Find a phone number. Nothing says legitimate more than a phone number that works. A good SEO services company has someone to answer the phone. You want to take this very point  important since alone doesn’t make an SEO company legit out there

Number #6. Find a receptive company. Larger does not necessarily mean better in the world of SEO services. Given the nature of the job, a man who works in his basement can do as good a job as a large company the size of Facebook. What is more important is that they respond swiftly to you.

Does the SEO Company answer your emails immediately? Does the company pick up the phone when you call? Are they truly available to chat? These signals will show you if this SEO services company is taking you seriously as a customer.

Number #7. The SEO Company must have sufficient knowledge of the various functions, evaluation methods, and techniques for the successful implementation of SEO campaigns.

Number #8. Do a primary review of the knowledge and experience of the SEO provider. Also, you may want to check on their portfolio to get a feel of their past projects, this actually differs from seeing their reviews or feedback from past users.

Number #9. A good SEO services company needs to have different price tables to allow companies of different sizes. The prices of the SEO Company may not cost you a fortune. They must offer competitive prices that are affordable and in line with industry standards.

Number #10. The time you need to start your business online with the expert advice of the SEO service provider is paramount. You also want to know how fast they hope to complete the project. Remember the word anticipate, projects are changing, obstacles are emerging and adjustments are necessary. Your project may be completed much earlier than originally thought, or it may take a few extra days.

Here is a quick guide to avoid becoming a victim of one of the many charlatans that populate this SEO services field still in turmoil.

#1. We Promise You The Number 1 Place

No SEO agency worthy of the name will allow itself to advance such an argument. Rank # 1 in Google search results cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, no agency has the secret of the algorithm of search engines. This complex algorithm is constantly evolving, the only way to discover its functioning is to rely on the results of past experiences, make assumptions and analyze new results.

Nevertheless, we are aware of certain determining factors to position ourselves in a good position. This is the case of a good content strategy for example.

#2. You Are Promised Instant Results

Positioning in search results takes time. It can take weeks or even months to see positive results. It is both the relevance and the importance of your site that will determine its influence, especially if you face a lot of competition. If a company accidentally promises you the moon, you have to ask questions. Otherwise, he may be confusing SEO on Google with PAY advertising on Google.

#3. You Are Promised A Lot Of Incoming Links

Of course, the number of links that point to your site remains a decisive element, but these links must be of quality, so created by humans. The best way to get one is to create fresh and interesting content. Make sure that the SEO Company does not buy the links, Google will see it quickly and your site may receive penalties.

#4. Lack Of Transparency

You want to know how your money has been invested and can judge the results yourself. If the company cannot provide you with understandable reports, there is something wrong. A serious company will be clear and transparent at all times.

#5. Bad Showcase

In the same way that a showcase attracts us to a store, an easy way to ensure the reliability of a company is to judge its website. Does this one look good and is optimized for SEO? If she cannot do it for himself, how will he do it for you?

#6. You Have Discovered The Company By E-Mail

If her offer fell into your mailbox as he seems to have done for a thousand other people, then it is probably spam. Even if there is a difference between spam and a well-targeted mailing, most serious companies will not come to you in this way, but rather you look for it.

#7. Prices Are Too Low

Quality SEO services are not cheap. Prices vary greatly from one company to another but keep in mind that you pay for the results you get.

#8. The Company Does Not Know Everything About Your Company

SEO is based on understanding users’ behavior towards your brand. Neglecting this point is like winning a campaign or not. If you don’t know how your customers are looking for your brand or products, how will you reach them?

#9. The Company Practices Questionable SEO Methods Called SEO Black-Hat

A very important point, but difficult to detect for someone inexperienced in this area! Make sure the company follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and other practices may ban you.

#10. They Say Google Partners

Several companies claim to be partners in Google. But in fact, it is impossible to have a partnership with Google that could influence organic results, also called natural. There is a partnership with Goole, but for everything related to the purchase of keywords on Google (AdWords advertising).


Finding the right SEO Services Company can make a difference if you get a lot of traffic to your website and never visitors. Take your time and find the right one. Every penny you spend on SEO services is an investment in the success of your website.