We all know Mac is one of the best computer, reliable and usually most snappy. For a better look, one has the habit of dusting or wiping off Mac’s screen or to clean the keyboard. We never think about the physical cleaning which makes one’s Mac look sluggish. To sell your Mac the user has to rev up the speed. Here are the best useful tips to rev up the speed of the Mac.

Make sure to update the Mac

It may be one of the reasons that Mac haven’t been updated in the recent past. There is no need to work with the Old version. Apple brings free updates for Operating System(OS) to fix the defects, glitches, and bugs which slows down the system. Upgrade the Mac to access them.

Here is a step-by-step process to boot the Mac

  1. Check the version of the Mac, and see if it is supported and is there any room for the mac’s latest version.
  2. Next, take a backup for the Mac
  3. Open the App store in the drive and tap updates. Instead one can click the Apple logo which is there on the top left side of the screen and tap updates. While updating, please ensure to log into the iCloud account.
  4. Follow the prompts and search for Mac OS, their one can find the latest version of Mac OS.

Empty the cache and Update the Mac

The temporary data which the cache files used can increase the speed. Over the years, these cache takes much storage on the Mac. This makes the Mac slow down. So how can we empty the cache? one can do it in two ways either manually or automatically. The Mac itself generally takes this care. we even have the latest software from Apple to boost up the Mac. To check the version, click on the Apple icon and make sure to have the recent version of Mac OS X/ Mac OS installed. One can upgrade to High Sierra.

Clean the browsers on a timely basis

One needs to clean their browsing history, cookies and caches from different browsers which they are using. Otherwise, it is of any use to sell your Mac.

How to clean the browser from safari:

here is how one can erase the history from safari

  1. Click on Safari which is on the desktop
  2. Clear all the website data from history

If you installed Google Chrome on your Mac, you can read this guide by ExpressVPN on how you can delete your history and searches.

Tips for Visuals and Mail

Mac OS always has stunning built-in animations. But all these visuals and animations consume more power which leads to actual applications. Make sure to off these extra visual effects. Clearing the emails timely can also be helpful if one gets a lot of emails. When mail hangs it may slow down the system. One can delete the spam, rebuild the mailbox and reindex the report.

Add SDD and replace HDD

SDD is a solid state drive which is the latest, just the same in size and shape as the traditional drive. Replace with HDD, the traditional hard drive by adding SDD.  Whenever one does a multitasking this copies the file to the system in a blink of an eye. The difference between the SDD and HDD is the former uses RAM instead of a hard disk to store the information which makes it quicker.

Note: It is always a better option to call a professional before upgrading as it is challenging. One advice is that instead of replacing HDD keep it in the existing hard disk for the user files and keep the iTunes to this disk. This helps to speed the Mac and launching the application.

Speed up by adding more RAM

Mac is one of the most expensive. So instead of buying a new one, maximize the amount of RAM which is a better way to increase the performance. The more is the better without slowing the system one can open as many windows as they want. Without RAM the operating system picks up the virtual memory, in turn, using the hard drive and making the system slow. If the Operating system is maximized, then it is a surefire of getting higher performance to the machine.

Managing the Startup applications

If the user clears the unnecessary apps and manages the startup items then Safari, Chrome, and Firefox immediately start. Here is how one does it:

  1. Open system preferences
  2. From there go to Users and Groups
  3. Click on the username. Open the Login Items and click on the programs which one doesn’t need immediately when the Mac gets started and click “_” button.

Fix the disk permissions

When one installs an app on the mac, there is a package of files which comes with the software. This includes the permission that tells the OS about that specific files which the users use. With use, these permission gets changed, and software doesn’t work. This makes the Mac run slowly. An easy and fast tip is to repair the disk permissions.

Note: The file permissions are protected automatically from the version OS X EI captain. So there is no need to fix or repair the permissions with this disk utility. Instead, if the user uses the earlier versions like OS X Yosemite, then it should be repaired to speed up the Mac.

Sync photos to iCloud

Don’t be surprised by the storage which the Mac photos take. Syncing the photos to iCloud is a time taking process, as a result, it slows down the Mac. One may think of deleting the photos to solve this problem. A possible solution is to turn off the iCloud Photo Library. If one still wants to back up their photos, one can use another device, for instance, Dropbox or Google drive may work.

About Mac

Mac Os have a beneficial built-in tool to help boost the performance by removing the items which one doesn’t need any longer. There is a series of items to clean space which are unnecessary items in the Mac. this may include Storage space in iCloud. Enable the optimize storage by clearing the iTunes or the Old movies which have been already watched. Empty the recycle bin automatically and reduce the clutter.

Opening the Finder window:

In Finder open>preferences>New Finder window, choose an appropriate folder and save the work. In future when there is a need to open Mac folder, one can have their files which they defined.

Restart the Mac

When all the above tips are done and still the Mac is sluggish, try to reboot the computer. When one restarts, it closes all the programs and asks to save files. The Mac boots up again. The result which one gets is a refreshed and restarted Mac which performs better. To restart click on the Apple menu and then click restart.


These Tips are more beneficial and one mostly uses it if they find that their Mac is slowing down. Apart from these, they are also many useful tips which one can use and make their Mac increase their speed.