Increasing the sales of products is the joy of every shop owner or business enterprise. Increasing the sales of products and improving customer service both work together and help each other in one way or the other in the sense that if sales of products are high, there will be an increase in customer service to ensure it stays that way and if customer service is at a high level, sales will be increased due to returning customers purchase as well as the new ones that will be referred to the store.

Generally, customer service is one of the most important factors that enhance the success of a business. Good customer service tends to generate appreciative customers who are ready to go the extra mile of making a purchase from you and will even serve as your business promoters to the public. The use of the POS system is a reliable key-component that can help to create a wonderful customer experience. POS stands for point of sale; it is an essential system which allows you to perform different operations efficiently and quickly.

The point of sale is the location whereby the number of goods and services been purchased by a customer is being calculated and indicated, an invoice may also be generated to show the customer the different prices of each commodity and the total amount. This is where the customer will make payment for the exchange of the goods and services rendered.  The amount to be paid by the customer is calculated at the point of sale with the use of different devices such as barcode scanners, weighing scales and cash registers. Payment terminals, touch screens, and other hardware and software options are available at the point of sale to make payment with.

The point of sale is often referred to as the point of service because it is not just a point of sale but also a point of return or customer order. POS terminal software may also be equipped with unique features that offer additional functionality to the business, such as inventory management system, CRM, financials, or warehousing. It is also referred to as a point of service because it can also be used to receive customer orders and also available for the return of goods.

The POS system is been adopted by many businesses recently and is essential to the growth of any business. Below are some ways by which POS systems can increase sales and customer service in your businesses, they are as follows;

POS can receive mobile payments

Many pos software have been equipped with the ability to receive mobile payments such as Apple pay and Android pay which allows a customer to pay for a purchase and complete a retail transaction by scanning their phone at the register. This can help increase sales in your business because many stores have not equipped this feature and customers who prefer this mode of payment would always want to purchase things from your store.

Customers should be given what they demand

With the help of the POS system, information about the goods been purchased regularly and more by your customers will be available to you. This way you will tend to make sure that these items are always available and ready for your customers. This will help increase your sales and also satisfy the needs of your customers.


Once you equip the use of the POS system, you will no longer need to spend a lot of time on paperwork, accounting, inventory and other things that tend to consume time, and this will make your business more efficient. A good and reliable consignment POS system should be able to take care of all these activities, and this will provide more time for you to work on more critical issues which will be directed towards the customer’s satisfaction.

Transaction receipts

Providing your business with different sales receipt options will be a good way to improve customer service. You could ask customers for their details such as email and with the help of POS systems, you can send these receipts to their emails. This can also be used as a form of marketing. Good POS systems can also provide well-detailed cash receipts for your customers that will be pleasing to them. This will help to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Transaction speed should be increased

Nowadays, people get irritated by having to wait in long queues just to make a purchase. A reliable point of sale software will reduce the time that your customers spend at the register. This can also reduce human error by employees that can lead to time wastage. Retailers that are equipped with large amounts of inventory will worry less about inventory errors and slow transactions. You should equip POS software that will have barcode scanning that helps increase efficiency and speed of transactions. Gone are the days of manual entry. Speedy transactions are good ways to make your customers happy and improve sales

Build a good rapport with your customers

One of the benefits of using a point of sale system is the time that it saves retailers and allows them to focus on more important things such as customers. You could help answer a customer’s questions or chat with someone as they are about to leave rather than having troubles operating a malfunctioning receipt printer. This will build a good rapport among your customers will keep them coming back to your stores.

Loyalty management

One focus of this system would be to transform every customer’s purchase into various rewards. A way you can do this is to introduce a method where customers will earn points after purchasing your products in such a way that they can use these points they earn to purchase other items. This will make your customers return to your store to purchase more items thereby increasing sales and improving customer’s relationship.

Feedback from customers

The POS system can be customized in such a way that your customers are able to rate the business experience you gave them and how good your service was. It can either be negative or positive results. The negative reviews will provide you with information on the areas that require some improvements; the positive ones will show you where to keep up the good work. These feedbacks are essential for your business as they will boost the confidence of new customers who are purchasing items from your store for the first time.  Doing this will bring you more customers.

Capture devices display marketing messages

You can equip capture devices at the point of sale that will help display different marketing strategies and keep your customers updated on the latest promos available at your store. You can use this medium to pass more information to your customers and help them purchase new products that are available. This will increase sales and leave your customers updated with the latest things in town.

Gift card sales and redemptions built into the software

Applying sales of gift cards and redemptions to your POS software is another good way to please your customers and increase your sales. Customers can use these gift card redemptions to make purchases at your store and make things easier for your customers at your store.

If your store is not equipped with a reliable POS system, you should do well to acquire one to improve your business success. Trust me, your business will never remain the same when a POS system is been involved with its operations.