10 Ways to save money on Online Shopping


Gone are the days when you had to walk into various stores or supermarkets in search of your desired book, dress or sofa. Now, all you need to do is take out your phone and find whatever you want on it. 2020 has only increased the role of online shopping multifold in our lives. People have literally been forced into embracing online shopping, due to the extreme circumstances. And people have realized that online shopping is the future. Once you know that, you want to find ways to save money wherever you can, when shopping online. 

Online shopping, in itself, saves you a lot of bucks when compared to buying at local shops. You get discounts everyday on almost everything, some products also come with free shipping. And yet, once the greed begins, it’s never-stopping. You just want to save more and more while shopping online. To that effect, a few money-saving tips have been listed below for you to use the next time you go online shopping. 

Ways to save big money while shopping online:

  1. Coupon code sites

The biggest advantage of online shopping is that you can use coupons and vouchers to slash away a big chunk of the prices. This is something that you don’t normally avail while shopping locally. Companies like Happy Sale provide coupons on thousands of products. There are all the brands that you can think of in any sector. Some of these include Amazon, Flipkart and tons of other D2C companies. So whenever you are in need of a new item, you need to simply visit Happy Sale and browse from a large assortment of coupon codes. You can also look up the brand you need to buy from and make the purchase.

  1. Make a shopping list

A simple advice and yet, an important one. Often, people simply scroll through the online shopping website, not knowing what to buy. Not only is this a waste of time, but you tend to buy things that you don’t necessarily need, hence, making unnecessary expenditure. 

Rather, it’s better if you make a shopping list. Nothing elaborate, just something you can write into your diary or stick on your refrigerator door. 

  1. Debit/credit card/ UPI discounts

Most online shopping websites collaborate with certain banks and payment apps during online sales. This way, they provide exclusive discounts or cashback offers if the customer pays through a particular bank’s debit/credit card or a payment app. 

However, read the terms and conditions of these offers thoroughly before you apply them to your transactions. 

  1. Check different sellers

On an online shopping website like Amazon, you usually find the same product being sold by multiple sellers and at different prices. It’s always a good practice to check all the seller options that are available for the product before finalizing. Some sellers might take longer to deliver the product but can provide it at a lesser cost. Some sellers also might provide free shipping while others might not. 

  1. Online shopping forums

Some dedicated online shopping platforms have interactive forums where members can share deals and discounts with others. Such forums are always good places to get reliable price quotes and see if any particular product is worth the money.

  1. Stalk your product

This might be a little consuming but if you have the hours, then, this is a really good way to save money. Basically, what you do is not buy a certain product on the first look itself. But instead, you check the product’s price everyday, seeing if it’s getting any lower. 

This is especially important when you are buying a newly-released product, like a new phone. In such cases, the price of the product only goes lower with the buzz. So, the waiting game might pay dividends here.

  1. Sign in, get a membership, referral offers
Amazon introduces monthly Prime membership subscription at Rs 129 |  91mobiles.com

When you sign in to an online shopping platform, you get lucrative discounts and cashbacks on your first few orders. Also, if you’re a frequent user of a particular online shopping website like Amazon, then, it’s advisable to get their subscription i.e., prime membership. You save loads of money on shipping this way and also, get much better deals on all orders. 

Referring the online shopping website also helps you save money in form of cashbacks that you receive. You can also subscribe to their newsletters and email alerts which are great ways to stay updated about latest sales and exciting offers. 

  1. Browse in Incognito mode
How to Open Private Or Incognito Browsing Session In Google Chrome  [Tutorial] - YouTube

Every time you search something on an online shopping website, you allow the website to track your shopping in the form of cookies. In simple terms, the website knows if you have been searching a product again and again. The website senses your interest in that product and increases the prices. 

To battle this, you can search that product in incognito mode. This way, the website doesn’t receive any cookies from your end and you can shop worriless. If not, then, you will have to clear your search engine’s browsing data every time you go on the website to search a product. 

  1. Try to shop on weekdays

Online shopping websites usually observe high user traffic on weekends and festival days, as most people have off-days. Unless there is an online sale like “Big Billion Days” going on, you won’t save much on your buys. Rather, you can try shopping online on weekdays to save money. 

There are also various research data online which suggest a particular commodity to be cheaper on a particular day. But these research data aren’t always reliable. So, refer to them at your own risk. 

  1. Get personalized saving tips

All the saving tips that have been mentioned so far are generalized ways to save money while online shopping. You can also get personalized saving tips depending on your monthly expenses and spending habits. 

You can use money management aps like Snoop which monitor your spending habits and make suggestions on getting better deals. This is also a great way to avoid online spending mistakes. 

These are a few tips that you can use to save while shopping online. The next time you intend to buy something online, try atleast one of the above-mentioned tips. And remember, every small penny of saving counts and will put a smile on your face, especially, if you’re a shopaholic. So, shop away!