11 Luxurious Electronic Gadgets to Make Your Home Blissful


Looking to add a little spice of luxury into your life? There are tons of electronic gadgets out there to make your house feel more luxurious – we’re in the 21st century after all! All our gadgets are more intelligent than us and can pretty much do everything we need them to.

From air conditioners to window blinds to TVs, everything you think of is connected to the Internet and ready to go whenever you need them. So why shouldn’t you add as many of these gadgets in your home as possible? Below, you’re going to find some of the top gadgets out there on the market for purchase.

  • A Smart Hub for Your Smart Home.

Smart hubs should be the first item you look at when you want a bit of luxury upgrade for your home. These hubs are basically the central nervous system for all of your various systems around your home. You can connect all of your other gadgets to this system so everything is controllable from one central point. Fancy, huh?

  • A 4K Smart TV For When Less Just Isn’t Enough.

First of all, 3K is so last year. 4K TVs are where it’s at! These TVs are incredibly high quality and will make your football games and nature shows feel as real as you are. However, even the increase in quality shouldn’t be enough.

There are plenty of TVs on the market now that are connected to the Internet so you can easily browse the web, buy some things off Amazon, and watch all of your favourite Netflix shows from your TV.

  • Remote-Controlled Window Blinds.

Sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to get off of the couch to lower the blinds when the sun gets too bright. That’s why remote-controlled window blinds are great to have installed over all of your windows. You’ll be able to automatically have them lowered from wherever you find yourself in the home.

  • Aromatherapy Dispensers for Relaxation Central.

If you’re looking to give your house a lot of luxury, just invest in some aromatherapy dispensers and place them in discreet locations around the house. These are fantastic little gadgets that will dispense relaxing scents throughout your home, giving each room a feeling of freshness that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

  • Smart Thermostats.

These gadgets are actually ones that are both convenient and will save you in energy costs in the long run. Smart thermostats allow you to automatically control each room’s temperature from your smart phone. Forgot to turn the heat off when you left the house for a week vacation? Just pull up an app and turn the heat down to save on your energy bill!

  • Dimmers for All of Your Lights.

Something that every luxurious home needs are dimmers for your lights. Sometimes you just can’t settle for the traditional “bright” or “dark” settings, so you need something in between! There are plenty of options for these out there on the market, so all of your romantic lighting dreams can come true.

  • A Smart Slow Cooker.

You would think that some things just didn’t need to be “smart” and slow cookers were probably one of them. However, there are tons of smart slow cookers on the market now that can be automatically connected to your phone to let you know when your cooking is done. You’ll be able to get status updates from a smartphone application on the status of that fantastic new stew recipe you’re trying.

  • A Smart Refrigerator.

Nowadays, refrigerators shouldn’t just serve the purpose of storing our food. No, you can now get a smart refrigerator that’s connected to the Internet and allows you to draw on with a touchscreen. The kids will love it!

  • A Backsplash Display Screen.

You can even add a display screen as a backsplash in your kitchen to look up recipes as you’re cooking! Gone are the days of frantically searching through books trying to find the perfect recipe. You can do that all from one wall in your kitchen.

  • Robot Vacuums.

Who has time to vacuum an entire house anymore? Good news is that you can have that automated with robot vacuums that will clean up around you at predetermined times. Plus, they’re pretty affordable nowadays!

There you have it. Ten different luxury gadgets that will make your home feel more like a home from “The Jetsons” than from your life. Try out one of these items or if you have the budget, try them all! They’re sure to make your life really easier and much more productive.

  • Smart Bathroom Mirror.

Yes, every bathroom has a mirror, but not one that provides you latest stocks updates while your brush your teeth or let you know who commented on last Instagram post as you comb your hair, that’s what a bathroom smart mirror does. It is simply an interactive device that comes with an inbuilt display showing anything you want with your voice control.