15 Perks and Benefits Businesses should offer their employees

It’s important to have happy employees for improving organizational performance. Many businesses believe that happy employees can work better and harder. Most importantly, happy employees enjoy their work and can quickly increase their productivity.

Whether you’re running a small business or a large organization, you need to consider your employee’s happiness as the primary priority. Because the success of your business will not only depend on your clients or customers but on your employees as well.

You don’t need to scratch your head to find ways for making your employees happy. An appreciation mail or free food at workplace can make employees feel valued. Employees can work smarter in a fearless environment. Also, your employees will be more likely to be creative and deliver world-class customer service. Likewise, your clients prefer engaging with positive attitude employees. With better engagement with clients, you can increase sales and improve your client retention.

Hope you understand the importance of making your employees happy. Apart from increasing the salary, there are several ways to make your employees happy. Want to know? Yes! It’s nothing but “Employee Benefits”.

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are popularly called fringe or perks benefits. These benefits are given to employees apart from their salary. The popular benefits are medical insurance, retirement policy, profit sharing, paid vacation, employee referral program, free lunch and more. The ultimate goal of providing benefits to employees is to improve employee retention around the company.

A point to be noted, employee benefits may vary from company to company. Few companies might provide employee referral programs and other companies may offer employee discounts.

  • Employee benefits or perks are not provided to employees based on their performance but they are given to boost employee productivity at work.
  • Few people believe employee benefits are meant for a certain group of employees, this is absolutely wrong. These benefits will be offered to every employee in the organization.
  • It’s an excellent approach to making your employees feel valued and appreciated. When you care about your employees, they stay for a longer time. There are a few benefits such as vacation time, work-from-home option, flexible working hours and more. These benefits can improve your employees’ work-life balance. This way employees can be less stressed out and increase productivity with high job satisfaction.

Want to know more about employee benefits? Yes! Continue reading. Following are the popular business benefits and perks that will definitely help your team or employees feel valued, confident and stay focused while working at your company.

Adding shower facilities

The workplace environment is evolving constantly. Most businesses are accommodating several things at their workplace, it includes a gym, table tennis, shower facilities and more. With a shower facility, employees can clean up whenever required. Including Insignia Steam Shower in your workplace environment will enable employees to keep themselves fresh all day. When an employee carries dusty items, having a quick shower will add great comfort at work. Adding shower cubicles will give employees joy and convenience at the workplace. Give a luxury touch by adding shower facilities at work.

Emрlоуее rеfеrrаl рrоgrаm

“Word of mouth” marketing will never go out of fashion. With “referral programs” people invite their dear ones to share similar experiences. In the same way, employee referral programs are an excellent source to recruit new employees for an organization. With an employee referral program, your employees will get a chance to recommend open positions for desired people. When the referred person gets selected, you need to pay a bonus to the employee. Since recruitment is a time-consuming and expensive process. The employee referral program can save both time and money for the organization.

Health insurance coverage

Health insurance is an excellent benefit provided by businesses to employees. Because the health insurance coverage will include employees and their family members. It includes pre and post-hospitalization charges. With health insurance benefits, your employees will feel valued and cared for, which improves overall productivity. Offering health insurance coverage for employees who don’t have a healthcare plan can be a lifesaver.

Mаtеrnіtу lеаvе

Childbirth will remain the key step in women’s life. Providing maternity leave is important. It’s no surprise that after childbirth many females are unfortunately quitting their job. Society considers forcefully quitting a job after post-childbirth as normal. Women who quit their job after their labour want to restart their careers. Thanks for maternity leave! Women are encouraged to continue their work after post-childbirth. Most organizations are offering 28 maternity leave for their female employees. In order to avail of maternity leave, employees must work at least 80 days from the date of joining. Keep in mind that the maternity leave period can vary from company to company.

Lactation room

It’s important to have a dedicated room for lactation at the workplace. New moms always need a clean, safe and private place to feed their little ones during work. Keep in mind that the nursing room is not a washroom, these locations may not be sanitary. Ite simple to set up a nursing room at the workplace and give complete support to new moms and bottle-feeding moms as well.

Free food and beverage

Who says NO to free food? Of course nobody. Providing free food can improve your employee’s job satisfaction. When you offer free food, beverages and snacks in the work environment, it shows that you really care about them. 

Free food and beverages at the workplace can be an additional cost, but businesses can end up improving productivity. Employees leave the workspace for lunch or coffee, the break can easily take from half an hour to one hour. This might cause distraction and also be a waste of time. Calculating employee working hours, and offering free food can be cost-effective. If you can’t provide lunch, offering a healthy drink can make your employees happy and noticed.

Work from home

With the huge COVID-19 impact, businesses around the world allow their employees to work virtually. Working from home has several benefits for both employee and employer. Employers can cut down costs such as internet, commute, workspace, power supply and more. On the other hand, employees can work in the comfort of their couch. They can start and finish their work at flexible hours. Remote working can improve performance and productivity. As there will be fewer interruptions while working on daily tasks or during customer meetings. Also, employees don’t need to waste their time commuting.

Appreciation programs

Employees are the backbone of the company. It’s important to take time and appreciate hard-working employees. Employees feel valued when their work gets recognised and appreciated. There might be days at work without recognition. This can have a huge impact on employee work, they feel discouraged and isolated. A pat on your employee’s shoulder can make a huge difference. As an employer, you need to understand the true importance of acknowledging your employees for their hard work. Offering an appreciation program and expressing your gratitude to team members.

Team gatherings

Never underestimate the power of team gathering. Employee benefits and perks will be accomplished by team gathering. Currently, team members are unable to interact with each other physically due to COVID-19. A closed interaction can affect their health. Therefore organizing virtual team gatherings is another way to stay your team connected. Team gathering has several benefits such as improving productivity, building trust among team members, motivating employees and more.

Organize virtual Events

Sponsoring virtual events is another easy way to make your employees happy. It’s no surprise that your employees will be stressed out after a heavy workload. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to conduct social meetings. Few companies conduct “Friday Fun Day” events. All the employees catch up during the meeting and feel relaxed. Most employees play online games such as bowling, chess, etc.

Involve in business decisions

Employee voice truly matters. Involving your team while the decision-making process is an amazing benefit for your employees. Always stay connected with your employees and interact with them frequently. Make sure your employees are aware of what is happening in your organization. Conducting a weekly meetup is good, explain to them what you’re expecting to achieve a business goal. Seek their advice before implementing certain changes.

Free education

Educational allowance is provided for every employee in an organization. It was introduced to encourage children’s education. The company will pay for children’s education. Children’s education allowance covers school, college and hostel expenses. Employees can get reimbursement for admission fees, practical fees, tuition fees, library fees, transportation fees and more. Keep in mind that children’s age must not be more than 20 years to claim the educational allowance.

Wellness programs

Employees are expecting more than a pay cheque from their company. Introducing a wellness program is another benefit every business must offer their employees. Wellness programs are designed to improve employees’ well-being. The program includes exercise, illness prevention, a healthy diet, stress management and more. With this program, companies are encouraging a better and healthy lifestyle for their employees. When employees are fit and healthy, their productivity increases.

Emрlоуее exclusive discounts

Do you sell any product or service? Yes! Offering exclusive discounts for your employees is worth it. When you introduce such plans, your employees will definitely work harder and beyond to meet the deadlines. Just by offering discounts or coupons, employees can boost their performance and productivity. A small thing can make a big difference, give a discount and enjoy the success.

Four-day work week

Did you know that Microsoft allows 4 working days per week for their employees? Yes! The news has gone viral. As per analysis, Microsoft has resulted in around 40% improvement in their employee’s productivity. On the other hand, Microsoft has cut down electricity, internet, transport, printing and other costs. Few companies are limiting the meeting duration to 30 minutes. This way, employers can save employees valuable time at work.


Wrapping up

So, you’ve reached the end!

Educating the perks and benefits is a must for your employees. Because when your employees are unaware of these benefits, it might affect their productivity. Give them time and understand the company’s benefits. Whenever you introduce a new perk and benefit, make sure you inform every employee in the organization. Let the employee know that you endorse these perks and benefits.