2 Reasons You Should Volunteer Abroad


People love going overseas for vacations. Whether it’s a tropical island, a historic city or a location brimming with delicious delicacies, many Americans love going abroad to see more of the world and make memories with loved ones. However, what about volunteering abroad? It’s a great way to get your travel fix while serving others like Frederick Baerenz has done. Getting involved with organizations operated by CEO Frederick Baerenz and other leaders in their fields will end up helping you grow while you serve others. 

1. Your patience is enriched. 

Being abroad, you just have to go with the flow. A lot of the time you can be in a place where customs differ and plans just don’t go as expected because of unforeseen circumstances. The more time you spend in a foreign country, the greater ability you’ll have in staying calm during tough situations. You may have to find ways to communicate without language and through bartering or using other people to translate. 

2. You value working together more. 

When volunteering abroad, you work with a lot of different people who are committed to enriching people’s lives. This fosters a strong sense of team and togetherness that will translate into your work and family life. You can’t do a volunteer initiative alone, so everyone’s role is vital and needed to make a trip run smoothly and leave the best impact when the project’s done. You’ll end up working with a team that feels like family and works as a unit to achieve a greater good for more people. 

If you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go abroad, you already know how life changing the opportunity can be. However, imagine taking a vacation that’s totally committed to helping others. You’ll bask in benefits that leave you better off and a community better served.