20 Ways to get the best from your Apple Mac


Apple’s answer to the Windows Personal Computer has proven to be a very popular alternative more many years now, and they continue and develop their brand to maintain its reputation as a leading manufacturer in technology and computing.

Macs can perform various operations that Windows cannot. The biggest benefit of using a Mac is you don’t have to install third-party apps. Macs have everything inbuilt, be it photo editing, the ability to combine PDFs or sign important documents from where you are.

To protect from viruses, you must use the best VPN software for your Mac. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and it is how the data travels from your device to the internet.

Below are all of the ways you can get the best from your Mac.

1. Renaming files

With the latest OS X, it is so easy to rename your files quickly. Just follow these four steps:

● Select files to rename

● Right click on the selected files

● Click rename

● Select renaming options

2. Use Voice Control on Mac

Siri is a useful tool for your Mac, allowing you to find out both information about the world around you and the computer itself.

Just click ‘Command and ‘Spacebar’ or the Siri button on your menu. Once you’ve done that, say “Hey Siri” and ask whatever you want.

3. Run Windows on Mac

Windows can be used to install games or software which isn’t compatible with your Mac.

You can run Windows with the MacOS either by virtualisation apps like VirtualBox, VMwareFusion etc. or by installing it via a hard drive.

4. E-Signing your documents

Signing documents from the comfort of your own home could hardly be easier. Unlike with Windows, there is no need to install any third party apps. Just follow these steps:

● Open the document you need to sign

● Click on the pen icon in the top right corner of the screen

● Create a signature with the Built-in iSight webcam before signing and capturing it. Align the camera correctly with the instruction given on the screen.

● Click accept, save and use it when required

5. Shift to multiple windows of the same programme

By using the keys cmd+tab you can swap between your running programmes. If you need to switch between multiple windows, you will need a different key.

cmd+~ allows you to switch between multiple windows.

6. Unit conversions

Spotlight can help you answer queries both online and on your device. It also solves all your issues without any need to open a new window. Unit conversions are quick and easy; type the figure you want to convert and it displays all the results. Make sure you are connected to the internet, though.

7. Take screenshots of any size

With Mac, you can either capture the full screen or a part of the screen. To capture a section, simply use the keys cmd+shift+4, before dragging your cursor over the part you want to capture. To capture the whole screen, click number 3 instead of 4. Your image will be saved on the desktop.

8. Hide and show the menu bar

On the latest version of Mac, you can hide and display your menu bar. Here’s how:

● Go to System Preferences

● Go to General

● Tick the box to hide your menu bar.

9. View special characters

To use the special characters, click on the magnifying glass icon on your screen and search for the character view option. You will be given access to every special character available on Mac. Double click on the character you want and insert it into your text.

10. Easy sharing

The OSX and MacOS have made sharing files easy, and keep track of what you’re sharing and who with. Just find the arrow icon on your file and it will appear at the bottom of the page.

11. Import image captures

Although you can transfer the image files from the iPhone or DSLR manually with Finder on the Desktop, there could be an easier way. The Image Capture feature allows you to import all your photos at once to the file you want.

You can also connect to the wireless scanner to transfer your files to the preference directory.

12. Forcefully quit the programme

Use the cmd+options key and Esc which will get you to ForceQuit dialogue box. This will display all the running applications and you can forcefully close them.

13. Customise your icons

A pretty cool way to tailor your Mac is replacing icons with images of your choice. For this, you don’t need to download a third party app, just right click on the document and copy the preview that you want to use.

Then click existing document thumbnail, go to get info and use cmd+v to paste the preview that you’ve chosen.

14. Instant Dictionary and Thesaurus

You can use your Mac to find out the meaning of words, or to find alternatives for your documents. Use the keys cmd+ctrl+D and it will appear.

15. Merge with Windows finder

You don’t have to struggle opening lots of windows while managing files on Mac device. Follow these easy steps and they will appear in a single window.

● Go to the menu bar

● Click on the windows

● Choose merge windows

16. Find Wi-Fi passwords

The ‘Keychain’ feature on your Desktop saves all passwords for WiFi and different logins you may need, so you don’t have to worry about remembering them.

For WiFi specifically, search the connection in the top right corner, double click on Keychain and then click ‘show password’.

17. No delete button, No worries

If you want to delete something, either use the backspace key or ctrl+D.

18. Edit PDFs

When you open a PDF file, it will immediately display a preview. With OSX PDF viewer, you can edit with ease by choosing the ‘show annotations’ toolbar, which will allow you to highlight, scribble and draw on the document before saving.

19. Search easily

Mac has a built in search engine called Safari, which will direct you to what you are searching for. It will display all of the relevant results and even retains previously searched terms or URLs. You can also download an compatible version of Google Chrome.

20. Wireless Audio and Video

Entertainment is made easy with the Mac’s Airplay function, which is also available on iOS. This allows you to play ore stream music or video on your device.