What does 2Factor company Do?

2Factor.in provides easy to integrate APIs, for communicating one time passwords (OTPs) over Faster, Reliable & Secure VOICE & SMS channels.


For reliable delivery, 2Factor has multi-carrier backup and uses Vodafone as primary route to deliver OTPs. Vodafone is one of the most reliable and preferred SMS gateway ( Preferred by larger Banking organizations and corporates for delivering their mission critical OTPs)


Unlike other players in SMS industry, we manage DIRECT INTERCONNECT with Telecom hubs for improved delivery speeds. ( 3- 10 seconds )

Value Creation / Compensation:

If 2Factor fails to deliver OTP in first attempt, it refunds the OTP credit to user and retries delivering OTP via an alternate operator ( for free of cost ) making sure, your OTP is delivered at right time and speed.


Why do we need 2Factor?

2Factor is useful for almost Every online and offline business, who wishes to build an authentic user-base by verifying customer’s phone number.

2Factor service is mainly useful for eCommerce businesses who offer COD ( Cash on delivery ) services in India.


Who is 2Factor for?

Ecommerce Businesses, for verifying phone number of customer before order placement ( to avoid fraudlent orders )
App Developers: for implementing phone verification / two factor authentication into their app.


What makes 2Factor stand out from Others?

  • Competitors are countless as there are ample of messaging service providers in the industry.
  • However, most of these are aggregators and resellers ( who deliver message via route which is cost saver for them and thus compromise on the quality and delivery aspects )
  • 2Factor manages 100% direct interconnect with most reliable and selective carriers ( thereby providing upto 60% faster speed and highest delivery rates )

2Factor sincerely refunds OTP credit, if its commitment to deliver OTP in first attempt fails. ( and retries OTP delivery via alternate operator for FREE )


What’s Next to 2Factor?

Present solution provides developers with an easy to integrate APIs for communicating one time passwords over reliable and faster voice / sms gateway.

  • 2Factor primarily has 3 items in pipeline,- Availing ‘COD Fraud Prevention’ service for eCommerce businesses ( Which would have advance features over traditional OTP solutions )- Availing ready integration plugins for commonly used 3rd party systems ( plugins / addons for eCommerce Carts / Blogs / CMS systems )- Introducing phone verification over missed call ( Pay-As-You-Go )

Interested developers can enroll using http://2factor.in/2Factor_Transactional_SMS_Beta.html

Read more details at https://madmimi.com/p/7919f6/preview