3 eCommerce web designs for inspiration


Every web designer needs a little inspiration now and then. When working on an eCommerce website design in Singapore, it is crucial to build and design an easy-to-use beautiful eCommerce site. A good web designer should be able to combine a beautiful aesthetic and take into account effective branding strategies. A good web designer should also make use of intelligent layouts and include eCommerce functionality. A good eCommerce website design will improve customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Website design can truly make or break your business. If your website is poorly designed, you will quickly lose customer interest, which affects your business revenue. When designing your website there are many things to consider such as your cost and budget, skill level, customer profile, user experience, aesthetic, customization and flexibility. 

If you are considering updating your current website design, or finding inspiration for a website launch, let us take a moment to inspire you with 5 amazing eCommerce website designs.  These inspirational website designs will help you design a fantastic eCommerce website, especially if you have already found the right eCommerce platform in Singapore.  With so many good eCommerce website design options, it can be difficult to choose the right one! Luckily, we are here to help.  

The website themes mentioned below are available on the three top eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento. If you are new to eCommerce, you may be asking what is a theme? A theme is a pre-built store that can be installed in one click through your eCommerce platform in Singapore. This helps deliver the best experience for your customers.

1. District

District is a functional, responsive, clean and inspiring theme found on Shopify, designed by Style Hatch Inc.  If you are looking for a theme that is customizable and easy to navigate, District is a great option for your website design. With key features such as promotional banners, marketing pop-ups, and colour swatch integration this is an amazing theme that will get you well on your way to designing a great eCommerce platform in Singapore! 

2. Envy 

One great eCommerce website design in Singapore for fun and lively brands is the Envy theme, also available on Shopify and designed by WeTheme. This is a great theme choice for your website design due to the key feature of mobile-first design. 

Envy was designed specifically for customers accessing websites on their mobile device – which is the vast majority these days. This will ensure the functionality is not lost to customers browsing on their phones.  

This theme also features product-image zoom which gives customers a closer look at your product, providing more confidence when they make a purchase.  This theme is easy to navigate and incredibly intuitive, which means if you are not a skilled web designer you can still create a well-performing eCommerce platform in Singapore. Its convenience and appealing aesthetics make it popular amongst young entrepreneurs setting up blogshops. 

3. Cornerstone

If you have chosen BigCommerce to be your eCommerce platform, Cornerstone theme is a great option for your eCommerce website design in Singapore. This theme is affordable (completely free!) and has great design features that improve the customer experience through a beautiful aesthetic and functionality. This theme comes with 3 different options: light, bold and warm. The theme is well suited for large catalogues and can easily run multiple sales and promotions at the same time. 

Some of the features include complex search filtering, customizable single page checkout, Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce, account payment methods, masonry design and many more.  There are numerous ways you can customize this theme for your store, and it is definitely a scalable choice if you are just starting out but looking for a long-term theme to stay with you as you grow. 

In summary

The examples demonstrated above show how important it is to select the right eCommerce platform style that will ultimately determine the themes that are available to you. It is recommended to do thorough research on eCommerce website design in Singapore before launching your website to make sure it is the best for you. Our company, Digital Solutions, is here to assist you with any of your web design needs and can guide you through the process. Do feel free to contact us for more information!