It’s amazing how much stress money can cause. And it’s so strange that something that’s supposed to bring us peace and freedom from anxiety instead causes us sleepless nights and gray hair. One of the best things that you can do to live a lower-stress life is to get those finances in order at every tier of your existence.

Financial organization means that you have house payments and home loans in order, you have enough money to pay your bills from week to week, you aren’t surprised when family and friends remind you that you have outstanding money that you owe them, and you’re free from credit debt. Various types of loans can help you achieve this organization.


Tax ID Loans

One sort of specialized loan would be if you’re trying to buy a house without a Social Security number. This is a surprisingly common type of transaction and one that you have to be prepared for. If you have enough money to buy a house, but you don’t necessarily have the documentation to go with it, you may have to work with particular sets of companies to get moved in. At that point, a lot of your money troubles should begin to flatten out.



Money from Friends and Family

When you borrow money from friends and family, a lot of good things can happen. You can avoid interest rates and debt situations with companies and institutions, but that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. You have to make sure you have your money organized so that you pay these close counterparts back as soon as possible. Being organized means you have a plan and a goal of getting money back to the people who need it from you.


Moving Credit Card Debt

Finally, even though it might not fit the classic definition of a loan, there’s a way that you can transfer balances on credit cards to give yourself some financial breathing room to get your money organized. You can close out the balance on one credit card that has a high interest rate, and move all that balance onto a different credit card that has a 0% interest rate for an introductory amount of time, usually for a year. This is kind of like giving yourself a 0% interest loan for a year to figure out how to pay off your debt without accruing any more.