3 Ideas That Will Bring More Traffic To Your Website

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If you own and operate a small business, it can be a real challenge to know how to get more traffic to your website. But because online sales are higher than ever, if you want to have a successful company, you have to be devoted to your online presence and have a functional business website. However, if you’re struggling to make a profit as it is, it’s hard to find the cash to put toward expensive online promotions that will drive traffic to your site. Luckily, there are less expensive ways you can move people toward your website and find the success you deserve. To show you how, here are three ideas that will bring more traffic to your website.

Create Shareable Content 

Everyone knows that creating valuable and useful content is a great way to build an online following of loyal customers. However, not all content you spend your time creating will have this effect for you. To increase the chances of having quality content that will entice people to visit your website, Susan Ward, a contributor to The Balance, recommends taking more time to create truly shareable content. Content that lends itself to easily being shared on social media platforms—like videos, quizzes, and infographics—are good places to start. Once you get a good following going, the content you create will just get easier and easier to share around communities online.

Hold A Contest or Giveaway 

While you want to be careful about giving away products or services and how that could affect the perceived quality of your business, it could be a good idea to hold a contest or giveaway as a way to bring more eyes to your business. According to Kevin Donnelly, a contributor to Shopify.com, when you hold a contest or have a giveaway that requires participation by your followers, this could help to drastically expand your followers and the exposure you get to your website. Not only could this bring more people to your site, but it can also give you leads for the future as well.

Improve Your Ad’s Headline

If you are a business that pays for ads online, it’s important to know how to get your money’s worth from this endeavor. According to Mike Templeman, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, 80 percent of people only read the headline when they look at an ad online. This means that if you’re not putting 80 percent of the effort for your ads into the headline, you’re likely missing out on a lot of potential income and traffic to your site. With this in mind, consider taking the time to really create meaningful and communicative headlines for your online ads in the future.

If you need to find ways to bring more visitors to your website, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.