3 Major Services that SEO Companies Offer Businesses


Are you in the market for a company to perform SEO for your business’s website? Most SEO agencies offer several standard services to increase their clients’ online presence.

Below, we’re going to explore three major services that SEO agencies offer businesses. If you need to recruit an SEO firm, it’s essential that they are well-versed in these three areas.

1. Google My Business (GMB) Account Activation

The first major service that SEO agencies will perform for your company is GMB account activation.

Some people resist setting up a Google My Business account, yet it is arguably the best way to become more visible on Google searches and gain higher rankings on Google Maps. 

When an expert sets up your account properly, all the included details will appear in local Google search results, Maps, and the Knowledge Panels. 

A professional will complete the following tasks to ensure the most accurate results:

•             Create your GMB profile and verify your business ownership.

•             Ensure your information is always up to date and accurate (they will make adjustments if any details of your business change).

•             Include what your business does and images, operation hours, and payment methods.

•             Encourage reviews and contest negative reviews professionally.

•             Publish posts on your profile advertising specials and new products.

2. Provision of Localized Content

Many Internet users have started searching for content without the “near me” qualifier. As a result, SEO agencies have had to get creative to ensure searchers can find local services and products. So, these firms aim to keep your website as locally orientated as possible to attract those potential new clients. 

They create local content by:

•             Writing articles or blogs about local news and events.

•             Creating videos that focus on local people and places.

•             Using location pages on your site that speak to the area’s particular attributes and customers’ subsequent needs.

SEO firms perform thorough research on which keywords Internet users most actively look up. Then, they implement them to draw viewers to your site.

3. Mobile Optimization

When you go out anywhere, what do you see people around you doing all the time? Looking up information on their phones. 

So, your business website needs to be as mobile-friendly as possible. If it’s easy for a potential customer to find you and book an appointment or make a purchase right off their phones, you’ll boost your ability to generate business (and profits).

An SEO firm will need to complete the following tasks to optimize your website for mobile use:

•             Improve the loading time to three seconds or less to ensure the visitor doesn’t lose interest.

•             Implement images and written copy onto your site sparingly.

•             Use intuitive UI to ensure an optimal user experience.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these three crucial agency services are essential to promoting your online presence via SEO and thereby growing your business. Even though an agency can help you, it’s good to have some knowledge to keep track of your individual goals.