3 Startup Content Marketing Ideas to Execute ASAP


There are millions of blog posts published on a daily basis now. 

Simply writing a blog post won’t get you traffic as a startup. 

Your content marketing needs to be killer. Unique. Fresh. And most of all:

Worth consuming.

Here are three startup content marketing ideas to execute right now to boost traffic, sales, and awareness. 

1. Start Your Own Branded Podcast

As a startup, blogging on top of the funnel topics is hard. Competitors are crowding the search engine results pages (SERPs). When you are new, your domain authority is low. This means you can’t easily rank for topics that you need to rank for.

So, what else can you do? 

Switch up the medium: develop a branded podcast! 

Podcasting has taken off recently, with millions of people listening to them daily. From platforms like Apple to Spotify, podcasts are becoming a huge way that businesses can promote their brand. 

Start recording your podcast and promoting it. You can then upload it to iTunes categories to start driving traffic and active listeners. 

Using a host like BuzzSprout, you can upload your podcast to tons of podcast listening directories to help attack multiple platforms at once. 

As a startup, you can cover countless topics from insider knowledge on your business to useful industry tips. 

Make your podcast genuine, unique, and interesting. Start testing topics, lengths, and ideas to see what resonates with your audience. 

2. Create Ultimate Guides In Your Industry 

While basic keywords will probably fail for your startup, more long-tail variants can often be very successful.

For instance, instead of targeting “SEO guide,” target “how to do SEO for music producers.” 

These more long-tail keywords are often less targeted by big brands since the search volume is lower.

But, building tons of guides for lower search volumes adds up fast. 

Can’t think of content ideas? 

Brainstorm around topics your customers are probably searching for.

For instance, if your business is in the travel space, make a guide on choosing airline credit cards or visiting a cool destination. 

If you are an agency focused on SEO, create guides for smaller niches that aren’t being targeted.

Complete those guides with good images and your content will succeed. 

3. Run Personalized Campaigns

In addition to podcasting and ultimate guides for niche topics, you should also run personalized content campaigns that “sell without selling.” 

Campaigns like these are often targeted directly to your niche and focus on solving their problems via your product or service. 

For instance, Housecall Pro personalizes website content for each customer segment, explaining just how their features will fit the customers business: 

Beyond your landing pages, do this in your content as well.

If your customers are service professionals, start doing keyword research on service professionals: 

Consider conducting surveys to ask about the biggest challenges that your customers or target markets face. 

You can then utilize those challenges for new topics to cover on your podcast, or creating an ultimate guide to solving them. 

More personalization wins in 2019 and beyond. 


Content marketing as a startup can be tough. 

Finding unique ideas in crowded markets isn’t easy. 

Put these three startup content marketing ideas to work today to help your startup grow.