3 Text Message Marketing Hacks You Probably Don’t Know About


Text marketing is a great way for businesses to reach customers. In recent years, text message has emerged as a powerhouse for marketers. The speed, efficiency, and ROI for text marketing cannot be understated. You may have even heard stats that as many as 98% of all text messages are opened. And 90% are responded to within 3 minutes! 

The stats may sound too good to be true, but they aren’t. It’s amazing how quickly and effectively text message marketing works. And the best part is businesses are finding more and more ways to use text marketing to benefit their bottom line and their customers. None of this is news though, there are plenty of ways text marketing can be used. So, without further ado, here are three text marketing hacks you probably didn’t know about.

#1 Tag Customers Acquired with Text Message Marketing

One of the best ways to help your business track and market to customers effectively is by tagging customers. As customers text your business, catalog not only their name and phone number, but any other information they provide. This information can range from their birthday to the type of products they purchase from your business. 

why tags are the best way to organize your data

Once you’ve acquired this information, you can begin to tag customers based off of relevant data. For example, Suzie Wilhot texts your business from a keyword campaign that was on a billboard. You collect her name and number as well as what keyword campaign she used to text in from.

Businesses can tag customers with more than one tag. They could tag a customer with the specific keyword campaign they used to text in as well as other pertinent information such as what the customer typically purchases. 

Purchase information is typically stored on a POS system. So a business simply needs to connect its existing POS to its text message marketing platform via a mediator application. When this is done, a customer can be tagged based on the purchases they make. This means that in future text message marketing campaigns, the business can target customers based on the past actual purchases of the customer. That’s why tags are the best way to organize your data.

#2 Set Up Text Message Marketing for Customer Service 

Text message marketing has the potential to improve a business’s customer service. First, you want to choose a text marketing platform that is not only the best for your business, but for your customers. An easy way to make sure you’re using the best is by doing research. I know that sounds time consuming. And I won’t lie to you; it is. But the payoff of finding a text message marketing platform that meets your needs and your customers needs is invaluable. 

Second, contacting customer service is already a pain for most customers. Make it less painful by allowing them to get a hold of you via text. Give them a real person to text with who knows the solution. Plus by using text marketing, you can’t get disconnected like you do so often with online customer service chats. 

Third, set up a keyword for customers to text when they need to reach customer service. When they text the keyword, have your text marketing platform inform your customer service representatives who can interact with the customer one-on-one within your text message marketing platform. 

#3 Track Marketing Attribution with Keyword Campaigns

Marketing attribution has remained incredibly difficult for businesses to track. However, by using the text message marketing tool of keyword campaigns, a business can track where a customer is coming from automatically. There’s no more guesswork! All a business needs to do is add tailored keywords to its existing marketing. 

In fact, that’s how a text messaging platform can be the holy grail of marketing attribution by bridging the gap between online and offline marketing. It doesn’t matter if that marketing is online such as on social media, on banner ads, or even on Google search, or offline such as on a billboard, in a magazine ad, or even in the business itself. Once a keyword for each marketing location is set up, when customers text in where they are coming from is automatically recorded.

For example, a business marketing is on a billboard and on a taxi. So somewhere on the advertisement, there needs to be a keyword specific to that particular location. The keyword “COOKIEBOARD” for the billboard ad and “COOKIETAXI” for the taxi ad. Then, when customers text in, where they saw the ad is recorded and thus, marketing attribution is correctly attributed. 

Now, this may seem facile, however, where the real magic happens is when a business is trying to decide whether a specific ad campaign actually worked. With keyword campaigns, it’s easy to see if the particular advertisement contributed to greater sales or not.  

Text Message Market Effectively

The three text message marketing hacks above allow your text message marketing to be more effective. Simply put, cataloging customers by tags and using keyword campaigns for marketing attribution and for customer service let you do just that. Use these tools to benefit your text message marketing.