If you’re just beginning with a startup company, you likely have a lot of projects on your plate that you’re trying to get up and running as quickly as possible. While having a working website is likely one of your top priorities, many people forget about SEO and the strategy behind it when their eyes are so focused on just getting a site live. So to help ensure that the site you do go live with will be beneficial for your company for years to come, here are three tips for creating a solid SEO strategy for a startup.

Know And Understand Your True Business Goals

Different businesses are going to have different things that they’re hoping their website will help them accomplish. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense for you to just choose some generic goals that you’re wanting to reach and that you think SEO might help you with. You truly need to know and understand what your specific business goals are and how SEO can assist with those. According to Tereza Litsa, a contributor to Search Engine Watch, this could be anything from ultimate revenue to lead, conversions, form fills, traffic, or rankings. Once you know what you want, you can better craft an SEO strategy that will help you get there.

Figure Out The Right Keywords

If you haven’t done keyword research yet about your brand or industry, your SEO efforts will be like shooting in the dark. Without knowing what people are looking for or how they instinctively are searching for you, it can be hard for you to cater your site to those needs. With this in mind, Jordan Kasteler, a contributor to StartupNation.com, recommends that you do this work before you try doing anything else related to your SEO. By doing this, you’ll at least know the best direction to take your SEO efforts before you get into them too far.

Include Content Creation

Without some type of strategy involving content creation, you can’t really hope to make too much of an impact within your chosen field or industry. And while there already is a lot of content that’s been created, this is where your previous keyword research can really come in handy. According to R.L. Adams, a contributor to Forbes, you can set your content apart by having it not only be extremely well-written, but also very keyword targeted around the specific phrases you’re hoping to apply to. By keeping this strategy in mind, it can make your content creation easier and more focused.

If you’re about to start the SEO journey with your new startup business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you create the best strategy possible for your company.